Vanished Hunters & Bigfoot Evidence / Channeled Wisdom

Vanished Hunters & Bigfoot Evidence / Channeled Wisdom


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDavid Paulides, Paul Selig

With a background that includes twenty years in law enforcement and the tech sector, David Paulides has focused his attention on the compelling evidence for the existence of Bigfoot as well as the growing cases of people who have mysteriously vanished. In the first hour, he announced the debut of his new documentary (view trailer) which profiles hunters that have disappeared under unusual circumstances. The cases defy conventional explanations and have stymied law enforcement and searchers, he noted. Many of the hunters, he added, knew the areas where they vanished very well and were equipped with such things as knives, maps, and gear. Some hunters travel with guns, so they can fire off rounds at specific intervals in the event they get lost-- yet in instances where they're found dead, no gunfire was heard, and their weapons remained fully loaded. In some of the cases, coroners were baffled as to the cause of death, Paulides reported.

He has documented missing hunters in 31 US states, as well as other countries including Canada and Australia. Further, he suggested that the FBI has known about these cases for 35 or 40 years, and have amassed quite a file, yet they aren't saying anything. "These aren't casual disappearances," he said. "These are the most complex and unexplained scenarios you can delve into." In the second hour, Paulides talked about various types of evidence for Bigfoot, including Melba Ketchum's DNA testing, which indicated that the creature is actually a type of human hybrid. He also reviewed his continued research into news articles dating from 1680 to 1923, describing bipeds looking like Bigfoot and giant skeletons (some 9-12 ft. tall) located in mounds and graves.


Often referred to as the 'Psychic Professor,' Paul Selig experienced an awakening in 1987 that left him clairvoyant and able to channel guides from a higher level of consciousness. In the latter half, he shared recent insights from his spirit guides, who consider themselves to be teachers or "ascended masters," and have dictated a number of books through him. According to the guides, we all live in a "shared octave" of experience, but we can exist in multiple octaves-- and one of them is what they call "the Upper Room," a kind of higher frequency octave where we can more readily perceive the divine in all things. The guides also speak about the action of fear, which is to claim more fear-- they advocate not listening to fear, which has a "trickster" quality.

The true self, Selig explained, is the infinite self-- "the aspect of the creator that can be realized in material form. It's the seed of source that seeks to be realized through all of us." The small self, he continued, is our personality construct and mask, laden with information about our identity and frames of reference. "The true self knows, the small self thinks," he stated. During the last hour, assisted by his guides, he provided readings for callers. During one call, he pointed out that we often get what we expect, so if we seek different outcomes, we have to "claim" them in advance for ourselves.

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