Solar Effects / Humanity at the Crossroads

Solar Effects / Humanity at the Crossroads


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsAlex Ansary, William Henry

Founding Outside the Box TV in Portland, Oregon in 2004, Alex Ansary, presents alternative programming on topics ranging from the supernatural influence over human affairs to geopolitics. In the first half, he discussed the sun's effect on human consciousness and spiritual transformations, and cycles of wars. "The powers that be" manipulate humanity by staging events timed with various solar cycles, he believes, and "if we don't know how we can be influenced by the sun, it can be used against us." One researcher indicated that we often see the start of wars at the beginning of sunspot cycles, he reported.

The apathy factor is stronger during a solar minimum, he explained, "so if there's certain things that the elite want to do and they don't want people to react, they'll do it in a minimum," or conversely if they want people to react, they'll stage events during a maximum, such as fomenting a revolution. He cited the work of Soviet-era scientist and solar researcher Alexander Chizhevsky, who first tied solar cycles with major wars (view graphs which show how major battles correlated with sunspot activity.) In addition to solar flares impacting humanity, Ansary is also concerned about the forthcoming technology, 5G, and its potential disruptive effects on health. For more, see his related slideshow: Part 1, Part 2


In the latter half, author and futurist William Henry addressed the evolution of the human race, our spiritual dilemma, alien influences, and ancient imagery. A convergence of "three currents" is leading us to a transformational moment that human history has pointed to for decades, he declared. These include-- the singularity, when AI machines become smarter than us, the 'skingularity,' a term he coined that refers to the merging of our flesh with AI technology, and ascension, which could be into either a higher spiritual plane or a simulated digital reality. Humanity will be tested during this period and will have to decide which way to go. Henry believes that while there are many positive aspects of technology, we should draw the line at merging our bodies and consciousness with it. We could be in danger of losing our sovereignty, self-autonomy, and individuality, he warned.

He detailed his study of an ancient Egyptian relief on the wall of a temple at Hathor of Denderah. The enigmatic tubes have been called lamps, but another explanation is that they are a portrayal of the creation of the universe, and indeed he has found that they bear similarity to how the Big Bang has been depicted in our modern era. Henry also spoke about his tour later this fall of France and Spain, that will include a visit to Lourdes, the site of Marian apparitions in the 1850s, where water from the spring is said to have a blessed quality. He reported that his wife Claire had a miraculous healing experience there on a previous trip.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Lauren Weinstein



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