Eric Haseltine

Eric Haseltine


Dr. Eric Haseltine is a neuroscientist who has written extensively on the brain, with over 150 publications in journals as diverse as Brain Research, Society for Neuroscience Proceedings, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Proceedings, Discover Magazine, and He also wrote a critically acclaimed book, Long Fuse Big Bang, that explores the neuroscience of innovation.

His popular blog at translates cutting-edge neuroscience into easy-to-understand, compelling stories that help people better understand their brains. With his wife Chris Gilbert, MD, PhD, Dr. Haseltine also coauthored the book The Listening Cure, which reveals the critical role the brain plays in our health. He has appeared on Fox News, Bloomberg News, ABC television, NBC television, NOVA's Frontline, and NPR's Science Friday. Dr. Haseltine has applied neuroscience in a wide range of disciplines, serving as executive vice president in charge of research and development for the Walt Disney Company, director of research at the NSA, and associate director of national intelligence in charge of science and technology for the US intelligence community.



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