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As a foreign correspondent, Ivor Davis has written widely. In the first half, he discussed the infamous murders of Sharon Tate and friends that mesmerized and terrified the nation 50 years ago, from the very beginning right up to the death of Charles Manson. After Manson got out of jail in 1967 for various petty crimes, he'd picked up a lot of con-man skills, though he had dreams of becoming a rock star, and hung out with the likes of Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys, Davis recalled. At the Spahn ranch in the Southern California desert, he assembled followers that included a rotating group of 10 men and 25 women, who were frequently plied with drugs. When he ordered his acolytes to commit murder at a specific address on Cielo Drive, Manson was familiar with the house, as he'd previously visited when music producer Terry Melcher lived there, but according to Davis, he knew Melcher had moved.

Davis noted that Manson made his followers believe that certain songs from the Beatles' White Album like "Helter Skelter" and "Piggies" were secret messages sent to him from the Beatles, to warn him of an upcoming race riot. The night after the Tate killings, Manson wanted to show his followers how to conduct his orders and took them to the LaBianca house on Waverly Drive and tied up the couple. He then left them to be killed by Tex Watson, Leslie Van Houten, and Patricia Krenwinkel, and instructed them to "leave witchy signs" in blood, said Davis. At the trial, he continued, Manson was found culpable as "he was the one who conspired to send them to do the killings even though he actually never wielded a knife against the victims." Manson reportedly had a death list that contained the names of a number celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Jones, and Steve McQueen.


In the latter half, psychic intuitive and afterlife expert Susanne Wilson shared her views on our souls, and how we can recognize communications from spirit messengers. Many have the ability to receive messages from spirit guides and even their deceased pets, she commented, and extraterrestrials or ultraterrestrials could be considered a form of guide or angel. "They seem to be preparing us for something shifting on our planet," she added, "and we're going to find out beyond any doubt that not only are we not alone in the universe but there are many others far more advanced than us and we're going to learn who we really are as souls." She revealed that people who commit suicide are doing well on the Other Side-- "they tell us they wished they had stayed but that they're not in a bad place...that there's no one on the other side of life that condemns them in any way."

Wilson shared tips on how to ground yourself as a kind of protection against negative energies ("spiritual dust bunnies") that are given off mostly by the living, such as visualizing yourself receiving a shower of white light. Our bodies are hard-wired to be intuitive, she cited, and the soul uses physical energy centers like the solar plexus to accomplish this. To begin work with one's spirit guides, she recommended starting small, by sensing their answer to a yes or no question that you already know the answer to -- what she calls "human pendulum work." In this exercise, yes or no will materialize as separate feelings in the body, she explained.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Catherine Austin Fitts

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