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Walk-Ins & ET Communications / Ghosts, Legends, & Lore

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In the first half, contactee, artist, and channeler Marc Brinkerhoff (view related images) talked about his communications with human-looking aliens, and his UFO photography. He described being a "walk-in"-- an ET soul that inhabits a human body to conduct a specific mission. From early on, he was privy to cosmic information, he revealed, such as informing his father at age four that there was a hidden base on the moon. Yet, this life is not his first visiting Earth-- "I walked on this planet as an etheric person in dinosaur times...in Atlantean times. I've met a lot of people on Earth who have remembered me as a space person from Atlantis," he recalled. In ancient Atlantean times, he added, we helped people with our spaceships as part of a galactic council. During this era, he said he was working on Venus-- not in the physical plane but on a different dimensional level.

Brinkerhoff described meeting legendary remote viewer and psychic Ingo Swann who he said instantly recognized his status as a walk-in, and declared that he was one of the only people that had seen the same things he'd remote viewed on the moon. The two became friends, and Brinkerhoff reported that one of his UFO photos was actually taken just outside Ingo's home in New York City, near Bowery Street. Brinkerhoff said he maintains an awareness of an aspect of his Oversoul (higher self), who lives and works on a much finer frequency off-planet. He also stated that there is a 2,000-mile-long spaceship above America on a higher etheric plane that people can visit out-of-body if they purify their system (such as by not drinking alcohol).


Author Varla Ventura is a lover of all things strange, freaky, and terrifying. In the latter half, she discussed her latest work documenting the supernatural, classic ghost stories, legends, hauntings, and death customs, as well as a little-known story involving Mark Twain's ghost. An entire novel was channeled via the Ouija board, said to be dictated by the spirit of Mark Twain via the conduit of Emily Grant Hutchings. The woman's book, The Coming of Jap Heron, was pulled from publication because in her subtitle she mentioned Mark Twain (the pen name of Samuel Clemens), which was owned by Twain's publisher. In 1917, Ventura recounted, the case went to the Supreme Court who decreed that it was indeed copyright infringement.

Conducting research about pirates on her recent trip to Ireland, she visited obscure cemeteries and uncovered information about a fascinating pirate queen, a fearless 16th-century Irish woman. Ventura drew a connection between the Fairy Kngdom and Halloween. The Fairy Kingdom, which could be thought of as another world that exists beneath our own, can be a delightful place, she explained. But it's also inhabited by giants, werewolves, and vampire-like beings-- "it's not just a world of gossamer-winged beings that flit about," she said. And that's why we don scary costumes on Halloween as it's thought that that's the night the Fairy Kingdom's creatures are released and can wreak havoc so "we dress like them to disguise ourselves from them." She also talked about such subjects as mer-creatures, Robert the Haunted Doll, and sin-eaters (who eat bread laid on the body of a corpse, and in so doing remove all sins from the deceased so they can move more readily into the afterlife).

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