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Inside Area 51 / Secret Space Program

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Timothy Green Beckley has been described as the 'Hunter Thompson of ufology.' He reported on the history of the secret base known as "Area 51" and the planned events which are supposed to occur near the base this coming weekend, which he says he's been following "very closely." Despite denials in the media, he claims that the proprietors of the only hotel in the area (known as the Little A’Le’Inn) are going ahead with a festival featuring music and other events and may expect up to 30,000 people, by his estimation. Beckley’s advice was to "go and listen to the music and get yourself a saucer burger." He emphasized that no one should attempt to "storm" the base since "you would die of dehydration" before seeing anything of interest.

Beckley detailed the history of the base, recalling that it was built at the behest of the CIA in the early 1950s as a place to test the U2 spy plane. He has heard that the location is actually an annex or remote outpost of the famous Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, which he believes may be connected to Area 51 by a high-speed underground rail system, that allegedly runs "10 times faster than Amtrak." It is rumored that workers who are transported to the base in buses are made to wear "bags over their heads" while they are traveling. Beckley also mentioned other supposed underground facilities, such as Dulce New Mexico, and another known as "Pine Gap," which is run jointly by the US and Australia, and is referred to as "Australia’s Area 51."


In the second half, Dr. Michael Salla, pioneer in the development of exopolitics and author of exposing US government policies on ET life, detailed his research into the history of the Secret Space program. He believes the US Navy is encouraging open-source scientists to replicate breakthroughs that have occurred in highly classified defense projects, rather than having these technologies declassified through the normal declassification process. Salla says he has uncovered research into anti-gravity technology beginning in the 1950s which enabled naval submarines to fly into space and that this has been operational "since at least the 1970s."

Based on his sources, Salla said that the Department of the Navy is fast-tracking these technologies through the patent process in order for academic and private sector scientists to develop useable devices that will revolutionize warfare and transportation. Salla predicted that "within five years, you could have the first prototype coming out," which could enable us to "travel from New York to Honolulu in a matter of minutes." He also described his research into the life of John F Kennedy and Kennedy’s apparent knowledge of the back-engineering of captured alien technology. Salla contends that Marilyn Monroe was killed because she was going to publicize some of the details that Kennedy revealed to her when they were in a secret relationship.

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