Dangers of 5G Cellular/ Magic of Tarot

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Dangers of 5G Cellular/ Magic of Tarot

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Matthew Landman holds an MBA and was firmly entrenched in the financial world when he decided to take a break to work on an organic farm in Humboldt County, California where he became aware of geoengineering in the form of "chemtrails." In the first half, Landman also described future 5G cell technology that would require towers "every 500 feet" because the 1 millimeter-sized waves only travel for about 1000 feet before becoming too weak to be useful. 5G was first developed by the US military in the Middle East as a nonlethal weapon. Landman continued by saying that there are no studies showing that 5G is safe, but there are "thousands" that show it is not. He reported his observation that local authorities tend to cave in to pressure from the US government and communications giants such as Verizon which state that there is no danger.

Landman believes that those who think that there is nothing to the so-called chemtrail phenomenon have not availed themselves of all the relevant information, citing numerous open-source government projects having to do with "aerosol release programs." He is also convinced that recent extreme weather events are engineered by unknown agencies. He contends that these are all part of a covert program of population control, facilitated by increased electromagnetic radiation (EMF) from proposed 5G networks, which he said has been proven to cause infertility. Landman also discussed his line of clothing, which he claims blocks harmful EMF in the environment.


Counselor, psychologist, and Ph.D. Art Rosengarten is a master at the art of Tarot and shared the magic of Tarot cards and how they create the ability to see fascinating new ideas and increase intuition. Rosengarten said that the origins of the deck have been lost in the passage of time, but may have first been produced "during the Italian Renaissance about 600 years ago." He recalled that his doctoral dissertation was actually on the subject, and quoted ancient esoteric philosopher Eliphas Levi, who said that the cards are like "a book that informs by making one think." In his readings for clients and patients in his psychology practice, Rosengarten says he informs people that they will find their relevance in the moment if the user is open and suspends their preconceived notions about the cards.

The Tarot cards do not read the future, he said, "they read the present on a deep, deep level." This is why he believes the cards are helpful to psychologists and psychiatrists: this method allows people to interact with pictures, which may have a deeper meaning for those seeking understanding or healing. Rosengarten believes that "there is a wise guide inside of us" and the Tarot helps to bring this out. In the last hour, he gave readings and advice to callers.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Peter Davenport

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