Secret Door Special XXI

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Secret Door Special XXI

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Who was behind the Secret Door? George Noory welcomed three surprise guests and tried to guess their identity based only on their voice. He correctly identified the first guest-- electrical engineer and physicist Brooks Agnew, who shared updates on the possibility of an Inner-Earth near the North Pole. Rather than an opening or hole at the top of the North Pole, "it looks like it may be a vent in the sea floor" that leads to something deeper, he noted. A survey found new breeds of manta rays in the Arctic, which appeared suddenly after there was some major melting. They may have come from an ocean that is reportedly underneath the Atlantic, he suggested. Agnew also talked about mysterious sounds and hums, and a new ship called the Arctica, that could possibly be used for an investigative voyage to the area.

Next through the door was author William Forstchen Ph.D. who fooled George with his Peter Lorre imitation. Forstchen spoke about the vulnerability of our power grids from EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks and solar flares. Over the next ten years, he sees a massive growth in preparedness. There are estimates that up to 200,000 people are going to be needed, he cited, to deal with cybersecurity, EMP, and CME (coronal mass ejections), and there are now new military battalions specializing in electronic warfare and how to repair a grid after it goes down. Many people are thoroughly ill-equipped to survive an extended power outage, he warned.

Last through the door was filmmaker, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli who masked his natural voice with a bizarre high-pitched delivery that George couldn't ID. Talking about the anomalous elongated Paracas skulls, he reported that in his forthcoming documentary, medical doctors state emphatically that the skull shapes have to be genetic in origin rather than caused by cranial deformation attempts. DNA evidence showed that the skulls from Peru were actually European or Middle Eastern, whereas a skeleton's DNA samples came back as "unknown primate," he marveled. Marzulli also talked about his research into the biblical Nephilim and fallen angels, and alien implants, which he considers prototypes to change the hosts' DNA.

Technology News

First-hour guest, technology expert, and computer consultant Lauren Weinstein offered analysis of tech stories in the news. A report that Russia may be testing a plan to cut off the internet from outside their country raises the concern that they're considering tightening control over their populace, he remarked. Amazon stock dropped 7% amid a weak earnings report, and he suggested that they will be facing stiffer competition with the beefed-up online presence of retailers like Walmart and Best Buy, who can also offer their customers in-store pick-up. Mark Zuckerberg has been facing tough congressional hearings about Facebook's planned cryptocurrency "Libra," and Weinstein thinks that the coin may have to be shelved or significantly changed.

News segment guest: Charles Coppes

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