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Overcoming Flying Fears / Open Lines

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Graduate of the Air Force Academy and completing a tour in Vietnam, and internationally recognized fear of flying expert, Captain Ron Nielsen accumulated over 20,000 hours during his career as a commercial pilot flying a Boeing 737. He has designed and delivered programs to reduce the likelihood of aviation accidents due to human error and in the first half, discussed ways that nervous flyers can calm their anxiety and enjoy air travel. Since developing a program to help nervous flyers 32 years ago, Nielsen has concluded that at least 25% of passengers are scared when they fly. The reason it’s not noticeable, he said, is that "we internalize it" and "just don’t let on" to others because we don’t want to feel like we are the only ones.

Nielsen said he has never really been scared while flying an airplane because he said "you do what you’ve been trained to do" in unexpected situations. He said that as a passenger, a great deal of the anxiety comes from three areas of the flight: takeoff, turbulence, and aborted landings. To allay these concerns, Nielsen believes that "the ultimate cure is to change the way you think," and to replace "myths with facts." He cited the statistic of 105,000 takeoffs and landings every day all over the world with very few incidents and pointed out that, the few stories that do make the news is "because it’s unusual." He concluded that the underlying principle of his method is that "the quality of our life is not determined by the circumstances, it’s how we think about it."


During Open Lines, frequent caller Thomas discussed conspiracy/ mind control movies and pointed out that Frank Sinatra said that The Manchurian Candidate was "the most important movie he was in." George in Michigan took issue with George (Noory’s) idea that the God of the Old Testament was wrathful with his comment that He gave the people of the Earth and Noah’s family "120 years to get the ark ready" before the flood. Joe in California believes that "we are trying to get off the planet and they won’t tell us why" which he claimed that he saw in a state of "cosmic consciousness." Rick in Indiana said that anything that appears in science fiction movies from Hollywood are things that we "will be able to do in the future."

Andy in California said he believed that the Biblical account of Ezekiel’s wheel was a craft that "carried God’s throne." Julia in Washington State said that her late husband used to listen to Coast and that by listening herself she felt that she could "connect with him through the radio waves somehow." Police officer Ryan from Florida told the story of an abandoned and possibly haunted missile defense site that he visited on multiple occasions with partners and trainee officers. He recalled that he and two others once found a bunch of plastic flowers hanging on a doorknob that they had just used. Within a year, the male and female officers were married. In the last 30 minutes, an encore presentation with military remote viewer expert Paul Smith was played.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Peter Davenport.

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