Mysterious Contacts / Planet X, Anunnaki, & the Sphinx

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Mysterious Contacts / Planet X, Anunnaki, & the Sphinx

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Author Whitley Strieber is an expert in diverse subjects such as cattle mutilations, crop circles, strange implants, the afterlife, and aliens. In the first half, he updated his contact experiences with the Visitors and mysterious entities he's been interacting with on-and-off over decades. The beings he's had recent encounters with appear just a couple of feet tall, and seem more humorous than the "greys," who had a deadly seriousness about them, he explained. One of the later episodes, though, had a more menacing quality. He awakened from sleep with the sensation that something was between his legs, and was sharply touching him in his "intimate area." He rocketed out of bed, and then saw "a black streak of a shadow" that instantly ascended from his body and dashed off into the ceiling. He was left with a gash on his leg that took a year to heal entirely. Strieber took the incident as a lesson to not tell the beings that he wasn't scared, as he'd done earlier.

Whitley recounted his experience of a "mirror universe" when he was staying at the Lakota Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. "When I closed my eyes," he said, "a different version of the world was as clearly visible as if I was wearing a virtual reality headset for days." Commenting on the recent climate extremities and natural disasters, he suggested that the Visitors could offer help if we learn how to better to communicate with them, as "they do not want us to go extinct." Speaking of a bizarre experience that occurred in a San Francisco hotel room some years ago, he described how he was a shaken awake. He then saw a radiant woman standing at the foot of the bed-- the feeling was so intense that his soul traveled out of his body to greet her. The vision disappeared, and just then, his young son came running in, announcing that there was a silver saucer hanging outside the window of his adjoining room.


In the latter half, the publisher of Mysterious World books, Doug Elwell, discussed his research on ancient references to Planet X, including the Bible, as well as the work of Zecharia Sitchin. He also delved into fallen angels, the Anunnaki, giants, and mysteries of the Sphinx. Planet X is difficult to see, he indicated, because it may be a dark body surrounded by asteroids and debris that absorbs a lot of its light. When it does first become visible, he noted, it will appear like a comet. He believes that the military has been aware of its presence for quite some time but keeps this secret from the public. In contrast to Sitchin (who declared that Planet X or Nibiru was on an elliptical 3,600-year orbit), Elwell estimates it may be on a 2,000-year orbit, and that fallen angels or Anunnaki could inhabit it. The fallen angels have been in charge of the Earth through secret societies, he remarked, and are in a long term rebellion or war against God.

Interpreting references from the Bible and other ancient texts, he has concluded that the Anunnaki conducted genetic experiments with humans, to enhance their own capabilities, as well as create races of beings such as the giants. According to his research, the legendary Hall of Records exists inside the secret chamber of the Sphinx. It houses at least three transparent sapphire stones encoded (similar to today's optical drives) with all the secrets of ancient times, and the fallen angels' stolen knowledge of "heaven." Satan stole arts and sciences from heaven, he explained, as Satan's power is no longer spiritual but technological.

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