Our Lost History / UFOnauts & Secret Codes

Our Lost History / UFOnauts & Secret Codes


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJared Murphy, Allen Greenfield

Self-experimenter and field researcher of ancient technologies and lost history, Jared Murphy has traveled the world searching for evidence of advanced ancestors and high tech. In the first half, he shared his contention that rather than "ancient aliens" bringing this technology to Earth, it was a differently evolved set of humans. As evidence for this, he cited the Paracas in Peru with their enlarged skulls. According to the researcher Brien Foerster, the Paracas not only had different physiology, but also several genetic markers not found in the human race. Additionally, Murphy pointed toward various anomalies, like the unexplained stone spheres in Costa Rica, and the 'forbidden archaeology' findings of Michael Cremo.

Murphy also talked about the discovery of Terra Preta, an engineered soil made of biochar, which is ultra-fertile, regenerative, and could be a remnant of ancient civilizations. This soil, which is carbon-dated back to 4,000 years in some cases, can filter carbon dioxide, heavy metals, and pesticides, and someone had to mix these elements specifically, he noted. "You're looking at a technology that requires carbon isotope geochemistry," he marveled, and from a nutrient standpoint, the soil is superb for growing food. For more, view images Murphy sent us in tandem with his presentation.


Occultist, magician, UFO researcher, and writer Allen H. Greenfield has recently focused upon contacting angels and UFO beings by using specific occult spells and rituals. In the second half, he discussed his involvement in the Hellier documentary series, which explores a variety of paranormal twists and turns that begin with an investigation of "goblins" lurking in Kentucky caves. Greenfield was of particular interest to the filmmakers for his work with a secret code or cipher that he delved into as a way to communicate with "UFOnauts," who could be thought of as aliens or otherworldly beings.

Secret codes, sometimes based on the Kabbalah, help to "illuminate and clarify occult information that otherwise would be too obscure or not understood," Greenfield observed. Ciphers, he added, can be used to study close encounter incidents as well, and predict when the next one will occur. These codes, he suggested, may have been constructed by the aliens themselves. He related the Hellier investigation to the 1955 Hopkinsville, KY case in which a family fired upon menacing but small alien beings that besieged their farmhouse. Greenfield also recalled invocations with Enochian magic he conducted in 1990, and cited the importance of being able to banish negative beings that may arise from such experiments.

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