Consciousness & Shroud of Turin / Accessing Psychic Gifts

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Consciousness & Shroud of Turin / Accessing Psychic Gifts

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Recognized as a leading scientific expert on the Shroud of Turin, Dr. Andrew Silverman is a medical doctor with a background in physics. In the first half, he discussed the Shroud, evidence that human consciousness can never be reproduced, the perils of artificial intelligence, and how consciousness transcends the brain and body through quantum theory. The Shroud is far older than reported, as when it was carbon dated, they used a repaired part of the cloth rather than the original fabric, he said. "All the evidence seems to suggest," he added, "that this was the burial cloth of the historical Jesus of Nazareth," and that some type of energy burst (perhaps ultra-violet light) produced the image on the cloth.

This burst of radiance may have emanated from Jesus' levitating body, Silverman suggested, and the transcendent light could be the same as what people encounter in their profound near-death experiences. "I don't believe consciousness can ever be made from anything physical," he remarked, and it's more than just electromagnetic material. Because of this, he's concluded that artificial intelligence and digital emulations of the human mind can never be truly conscious in the way that we are. Further, he argues that AI could pose a threat to humanity, such as through autonomous weapons.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg shared how to develop one's natural psychic gifts through techniques like accessing the Akashic Records and teleportation. "By increasing our ability to tap into the soul and receive data and experiences from our higher self or the 'superconscious' mind," he stated, we can develop our psychic abilities and grow spiritually. One skill, which he referred to as "clairempathy," can be used to diagnose another person's illness or injury. It begins with visualizing a positive energy bubble around oneself and then asking several friends to write down a list of their ailments. You may empathically sense different issues in your own body that parallel theirs as you go through each list, he explained.

To balance chakras (energy and spiritual centers in the body) close your eyes and focus on your third eye area (sixth chakra), and then invite your spirit guide to show you peaceful and beautiful images, he outlined. These guides, he added, can assist a person in their spiritual and psychic advancement. To view a person's aura, focus on their forehead, and imagine that you are looking through them and beyond. "You will begin to notice the auric layer around their head," he cited, with glowing colors that reflect various traits, emotions, and moods. Goldberg also described ways to achieve out-of-body travel or teleportation, which open the door to a wide range of possibilities and spiritual interactions. To begin, lie on your right side in a warm room, in dim light late at night, he detailed, and don't be alarmed if the body starts to vibrate. Further info here.

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