Patterns of Success / Transformative NDEs

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Patterns of Success / Transformative NDEs

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With an MBA in International Business, Trevor Blake has studied the patterns of successful people, pulling himself up from abject poverty to becoming a serial entrepreneur. In the first half, he discussed his techniques to achieve financial success and maximize peak brain potential. He cited several principles from quantum physics-- string theory, the observer effect, and quantum entanglement, as being factors in his entrepreneurial triumphs. The observer effect tells us that the moment before observation, all probabilities exist, so you can imagine, he explained, an outcome that you want to achieve as having already happened. He conceptualizes the Higgs Field (a scientific term for energy throughout the universe) as a kind of "cosmic glue" that connects us all, and allows people to tap into the future or the past.

His steps to success include avoiding complainers, negative people, and sensationalistic media, as well as devoting at least 20 minutes a day to a meditative or quiet practice (Blake said he spends this time just following his breath). Working from home, he dedicates five-hours a day to very disciplined endeavors, and then allows for a separate period of 2-3 hours of distracted work. Developing a deeper intuition is also key to success, he added, as this aids in making better decisions. Blake offers a free download of his guide, The Practical Magic of the 5-hour Workday, via his website.


Retired family physician Dr. Yvonne Kason is a transpersonal psychotherapist and an expert on near-death experiences (NDEs) and spiritually transformative states. In the latter half, she described her own impactful NDEs and the lessons she learned from them (she has had a total of five NDEs in her life!). As a young doctor in 1979, she was aboard an ambulance aircraft that crashed. She heard a whooshing sound and suddenly observed herself 20-30 ft. above her body trying to swim to shore, and initially felt herself in two places at one time. Then, she went into a realm of white light that was filled with unconditional love. She knew with certainty that the powerful love she was feeling was that of a higher power, like a profound force field that underlies all of creation.

When she re-entered her body at the hospital, it felt like her consciousness "was being sucked into a tiny bottle," she recalled. Kason also described a 1995 NDE, where she found herself in a tunnel headed toward the light. She experienced a life review that felt like a stone skipping through various points in her life, including peak spiritual moments. A hermaphroditic being of light that was luminescent blue, and seemed to have four arms, telepathically informed her "it was not her time." In a 2003 NDE, Kason saw her past lives as an absolute reality and could understand them as jigsaw pieces all fitting together. Currently, she is the president of IANDS (the International Association for Near Death Studies), and advocates for people who undergo spiritual and mystical experiences and awakenings.

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