Revelation Prophecies & Coronavirus / Psychic Readings & Crime Solving

Revelation Prophecies & Coronavirus / Psychic Readings & Crime Solving


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsBenjamin Baruch, Chuck Bergman

In the first half, financial advisor, author, and public speaker Benjamin Baruch outlined the way current events are unfolding consistent with prophecies from the Book of Revelation, including how the coronavirus plays into the Chinese strategy for global domination. Scripture refers to a time before judgment when there will be a pestilence or a plague (represented by the black horse of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) that will signal a coming war. Baruch contends this war may have already begun with the coronavirus as a bioweapon. One source, he said, claimed: "this virus was actually developed inside a US weapons lab and was stolen by Chinese spies." According to Baruch, the Chinese military acknowledged in public speeches that they planned to use bioweapons in the first phase of a war with the United States.

However, coronavirus seems to be a low-grade bioweapon intended to damage the economy rather than the population, he noted, and it may lead to a huge economic contraction worldwide. The "Deep State," he continued, worships Lucifer, and doesn't realize as they try to take over the planet, that they are opening Pandora's Box. Looking at our timeline to Armageddon based on the birth date of the modern Israeli state, Baruch calculated that the government of the Antichrist comes to power no later than 2021, and this reign of the Antichrist follows the collapse and destruction of America via World War III. This would mean, he added, that the last world war takes place between now and the fall of 2021.


In the latter half, former Salem, Mass. police officer Chuck Bergman shared how his abilities to communicate with the spirit world, which he has had since childhood, have enabled him to locate victims and solve crimes, as well as offer readings to clients. Known as the "Psychic Cop," he detailed how the famous medium James Van Praagh became his mentor. On one occasion, during an in-person reading for two sisters, Bergman saw the spirit of their mother appear in front of him. Then, suddenly the spirit of the singer Ray Charles was there too, wearing paisley boxer shorts. He didn't want to admit to the sisters that he was seeing the famous performer, as he thought they would think he was crazy. When he finally told them who he was seeing, the sisters informed him that Ray Charles was actually their brother, and there had been a memorable family incident involving the boxer shorts.

In another reading, a couple in California over the phone informed him that their son was missing, and they didn't know if he was dead or alive. He got an image of a rock climber with bloody fingers (the family confirmed that he was an avid climber), and then he saw a green Chevy pick-up truck in messy condition (again confirmed). Bergman advised the family to take out a map and was able to guide them to a location in the Sierra Nevada mountains some 159 miles north of their position. His spirit "is telling me that's where you'll find his truck, and his body is right next to it," Bergman recounted. Within 24 hours, their son's body was recovered in this area-- they had previously looked for eight months with search parties, helicopters, dogs, and news media. During the last hour, Bergman gave heartfelt readings to callers.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Dr. Peter Breggin



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