Rise of the Millennials / Unlocking Magick

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Rise of the Millennials / Unlocking Magick

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Demographer and generational marketing expert, Ken Gronbach, looks into the future using the tool of demographics. In the first half, he discussed how Millennials, the generation born between 1981-1996 (who outnumber Baby Boomers by ten million), will shape the US for the next 30 years. From 2016-2020, approximately eight million older conservative voters died, he reported, whereas 16 million young people came of voting age, who are mostly liberal. This is a significant swing in the electorate, considering how close the 2016 race was, he noted.

Also known as Generation Y, Millennials increasingly will be moving out of their parents' homes and spark one of the biggest housing booms as they buy their own places. And rather than primarily using carshare services like Uber, he foresees them owning their vehicles, further fueling economic growth. Gronbach did note that Millennials are more comfortable buying items like beds and cars over the internet, as opposed to older generations who need to see big-ticket items in person. Interestingly, the US is the only industrial nation that has a large Gen Y workforce, he added, which will further boost the economy. Speaking of Baby Boomers, he cited that the number of elderly in Florida is going to double soon, as the current older population (born 1923 to 1944) is a much smaller generation than the Boomers, who will live even longer.


Alex Kazemi is a writer and cultural deprogrammer. In the latter half, he shared how he's used magick to create his dream life and unplug from the dangerous illusions of modern society and social media culture. "We live in a time where people are trying to hijack our emotions and thoughts," he commented, and by getting away from social media, we can more readily find out who we are, outside of the simulated and conflict-driven world of digital interactions. Kazemi first started using magickal techniques as a teenager to combat cancer, and then later turned to Transcendental Meditation to help overcome addiction, and create a clearer mind for exploring occult practices.

For someone just getting started with magick, he recommended practicing a protection ritual-- visualizing white layers of light surrounding oneself. "The kind of magick that I'm advocating for is to alchemize your emotions," he explained, and turn what could be considered negative feelings into a higher outlet that can be practical and productive. Kazemi encourages people to interact with different entities, and to invent your own gods and goddesses rather than following the dogma of witchcraft books. He believes in a kind of Herculean magick-- setting up spiritual trials for oneself, and then using rituals, spells, and positive thinking to achieve changes and goals.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Jerome Corsi


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