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Kenneth Gronbach

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Kenneth Gronbach is an internationally respected demographer who has been able to forecast societal, commercial,
economic, cultural and political phenomena with uncanny accuracy. Ken’s unusual blend of marketing savvy and common sense demography, based on twenty years of proprietary demographic study, sets him apart. Ken keynotes all over the United States and does customized demographic research.



Past shows:

Rise of the Millennials / Unlocking Magick

Ken Gronbach forecast the increasing influence of Millennials in the US. Followed by Alex Kazemi on magickal techniques for self-growth and achievement. More »

US Demographic Trends / Skeptics vs. Believers

Ken Gronbach offered a look at America's future via demographic analysis. Followed by Scott S. Smith on the debate between atheism and religion. More »

Predictive Demographics / Tales of High Strangeness

Ken Gronbach discussed using demographics to predict trends.Greg Newkirk and Dana Newkirk talked about their new documentary, 'Hellier.' More »

Future US Trends / Experiencing the Paranormal

Ken Gronbach outlined current and future demographic trends. Followed by Bruce Olav Solheim on his personal paranormal experiences. More »

American Forecast/ NDEs

Ken Gronbach used demographics to forecast economic trends. Penny Sartoridiscussed the effects of near death experiences. More »

Demographic Trends

Demographer Ken Gronbach looked at future trends for the US. First hour guest, Ron MacDonald shared accounts of people buried at Arlington Cemetery. More »

Last Night

Ed Dames shared remote viewing updates including details on Kim Jung Un, and the solar kill shot. Followed by Trapper Jack with stories of angels and miracles.

More »


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