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One of the world's leading historians of the UFO phenomenon, Richard Dolan, joined Jimmy Church (Twitter) in the first half to discuss the latest news on UFOs and disclosure, as well as classic cases. He cautioned listeners not to take the coronavirus issue lightly, saying "it is every citizen's responsibility to take this seriously…otherwise we will see a hard, authoritarian worst-case solution." Dolan is a consultant on the TV show "Project Blue Book," and answered questions on the historical inaccuracies of the program by remarking that "there are storylines that are not true obviously," but that he supports "any kind of mainstream effort that gets people interested in the UFO subject." He next discussed the famous Robertson Panel of 1953, which was ostensibly convened to look into the UFO subject, but many (including Dolan) feel was a government cover-up.

Dolan delved into the issue of government secrecy surrounding the UFO issue and observed that "secrecy is a series of concentric circles" and that the truth "may be in the hands of as few as five people." He also emphasized that much of this information is being used by private defense contractors to circumvent possible openness requirements of government programs, and that "secrecy is getting worse, not better." In answer to a caller, Dolan said that he is staying with the UFO issue for the long haul-- "right to the goal line." He also suggested that this current period of uncertainty is "moving us to the next phase of our existence as a species."


Open Lines occupied the latter half. Wayne called in from Washington state to say that he had looked at a chart of the most deadly viruses and diseases currently affecting the world and found that the coronavirus was considered number 17 on the list. He believes that with regards to the virus, authorities are "blowing it out of proportion" and "we're going to be OK." Cade in Iowa wondered how it was that a "microscopic organism" could be the thing that changes the world. Courtney in California said a friend sent him a video of "long train procession with tanks and heavy machinery" and wondered about indications of coming martial law in the U.S.

Glenn in Texas mentioned the "incredible number of goldilocks planets within 15 light years" and wondered if they would visit or communicate with us. He also asked Jimmy if the Roswell crash could have been a Defense Department balloon experiment. He replied that the personnel at the Air Field would know the difference. Bruce in South Carolina recounted a story of a group of his female relatives and their UFO sighting of two "barrel-shaped" UFOs in 1939. Dave in Washington remarked on the testing for the virus and that "if you get a negative result," who's to say that" you're not going to get it tomorrow?"

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