Skinwalker Ranch Secrets

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Date Host George Knapp
Guests Brandon Fugal, Robbie Williams, Jeremy Corbell

Much has been said of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah - a 512-acre property that is a supposed hotspot for paranormal and UFO activity. George Knapp has been researching the Ranch for years and has been on the property multiple times. Earlier this month, the name of the new owner of the Ranch was released - Brandon Fugal, a 46-year-old business leader, and tech investor. He joined George to discuss why he bought the Ranch and what type of experiments are currently being conducted there. Fugal emphasized that the Ranch was originally not for sale, but after he met with former owner Robert Bigelow, they "built a relationship of trust" that allowed the deal to go forward.

Fugal says that he wanted to "take to the next level" what Bigelow had accomplished in the previous 20 years as far as scientific study was concerned. He added that he'd approached the project as "a healthy skeptic" but that within six months on the property, he observed a "40-50 foot long…gray, silverish…typical UFO or disclike object" and his doubt instantly melted away. He related that there'd been serious injuries to people at the Ranch, including a number that sent people to the hospital with mysterious ailments. Fugal says that the upcoming TV show produced at the Ranch will reveal more incidents and prove that "our reality is a lot more complex" than current mainstream science can describe. He also announced a live, public video feed from the Ranch.


Musician Robbie Williams, who has released seven U.K. number one singles, has had a lifetime of paranormal experiences, including his visit to Skinwalker Ranch with George Knapp and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. Williams and Corbell joined George in the second half for a further discussion of the Ranch and how their experiences on the property have changed them. Williams said that he was prepared to "get goosebumps and have the spidey senses flare up" but actually found that the Ranch was very "peaceful." This was until he entered the research and security trailers, and the feeling of safety vanished. His security guard noticed a "eight to nine-foot shadow figure" following Williams. Corbell said he never saw this figure, but that the guard declared, "we're leaving here right now." Corbell referred to the figure as a "sentient mist."

Williams described paranormal and UFO incidents throughout his life, recalling the fact that relatives told him he used to "see people that had passed on, and I would talk to them." As an adult, he once observed a square "matte black" object with "yellow stripes on it," about 40-50 yards long, which floated over him silently. He also witnessed a "gold ball" in the sky near his recording studio, which only seemed to appear when he was playing one particular song (incidentally about UFOs) that he was working on. Williams and Corbell also spoke on the effect that quarantine measures have had on their lives. Williams has had appearances and tours canceled, and both have spent more time with their families.



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