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Secrets of Heaven & Hell

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Engineer and independent researcher Maurice Cotterell has discovered a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. In the first half, he revealed the secrets of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory left behind by sun-worshiping civilizations. Cotterell says that he has found that there have been many messengers who have left behind "clues as to how to get into heaven." He believes that these teachers include the Indian Lord Krishna, King Tutankhamen, Jesus, and the Buddha. The reason that they tried to pass on this information, Cottrell said, is that on this planet, "we are now living in purgatory, and that is why many find life so difficult." He sees the Earth and our existence as a learning place for souls who wish to advance into the heavenly realm.

Cotterell described God as "electromagnetic energy," and to the extent that we can incorporate that energy into our own bodies by loving others, he believes that we have a better chance of entering the heavenly realm when we pass on. He added that "time exists on the physical world, but not in the spiritual world" so that we escape the passage of time when we enter the spirit realm. In the second hour, Cottrell told an extraordinary case of reincarnation in which a "baby stole the soul of her grandmother," and reportedly had "the same expression on its face" as the grandmother had in death. He saw this as an example of his idea that when a body becomes too physically weak, it's unable to hold onto its soul, and it can be taken over. View related graphics.

Power Grid Strengthening

In hour three, author William Forstchen addressed his ongoing work studying the world's power grids, and why they are vulnerable to EMP attacks, asteroids, and solar flares. He explored what might happen if the power grid shut down for a few months, suggesting that the situation would be similar to the present virus crisis, which "we're starting to see the" where "societal order starts to break down." Fortschen speculated that even a 5 or 10 percent hardening of the power grid would keep electricity flowing to most major cities in the U.S., but that nothing has been done on this front at present.

Hat Man Update

During the last hour, Heidi Hollis spoke about her research into the phenomena of Shadow People and the mysterious "Hat Man." Between the two entities, she said that the Hat Man was "hands down, the most horrific" and unlike Shadow People or even the more well-known "Slenderman," she has fielded reports of encounters with something that "bites, scratches, [and] threatens people." These entities seem to have facial features and even beards and mustaches, etc. in addition to the apparent hat costume. Hollis mentioned disturbing accounts of nightmares about the Hat Man, where witnesses described the entity in the room with them after waking up from a nightmare. Hollis also noted that the recent lockdowns seem to have virtually stopped sightings of these entities.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Peter Breggin.

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