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Rendlesham UFO Conspiracy / Consciousness & Remote Viewing

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Paranormal investigator extraordinaire, Nick Redfern, joined George Knapp to discuss an intriguing alternative theory for the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO case. The December 1980 case in which military personnel experienced a series of strange encounters in the wilderness of England has long been suspected by many in the UFO research community of being some kind of extraterrestrial visitation. However, Redfern said the story he has investigated "takes things in a different direction but no less controversial." Dismissing mainstream attempts to debunk the case as "pure nonsense," he instead posited that the incident was actually a series of top-secret experiments using holograms and hallucinogenics designed "to see how the human mind could be affected when faced with something alternative, shocking, and amazing on the battlefield."

Detailing several elements which informed this hypothesis, Redfern revealed that there exists a decades-long history of "secret experiments and highly classified facilities all located less than 11 miles of Rendlesham Forest." Additionally, he noted a now-declassified 1964 experiment that occurred in a different British forest which saw soldiers surreptitiously given LSD in order to gauge their response to the drug under those conditions. He coupled this with insights about projects aimed at developing "sophisticated holographic technology" which can produce imagery that looks incredibly real. Other aspects of the Rendlesham event which seem to support this theory is that a nearby prison was inexplicably evacuated prior to the event, possibly in order to prevent the inmates from inadvertently ingesting the aerosolized hallucinogenics, and that the incident occurred around Christmas, which is when the military bases connected to the case would have been largely understaffed.


In the latter half of the program, defense and aerospace journalist Nick Cook talked about his new suspense novel The Grid, which explores a world wherein human consciousness has become a battlefield by way of advanced science and the modern surveillance state. Although the book is fiction, he explained that the story is informed by his extensive research into exotic technology and the United States government's clandestine remote viewing program. To that end, he said that while the plot ventures into "some thriller-ish and imaginative domains, at no point do I think that I've gone any further than the realm of the possible." He also expressed the hope that curious readers who wonder about the veracity of the underlying material in the book will do their own research and discover that what he has written about is real.

On the subject of remote viewing, Cook was skeptical of the official narrative that the US government completely shut down their 'psychic spy' program by in the 1990s. Part of his reasoning for that perspective is that the abilities displayed by remote viewers would be particularly helpful in the War on Terror, since such a conflict involves "fighting an adversary that is very, very elusive." Beyond that, he marveled that fielding a team of remote viewers is incredibly inexpensive compared to the enormous costs of other military programs. In light of his work exploring attempts to unlock the secret of antigravity, Cook was asked about the mysterious craft seen in the headline-making Navy UFO footage. Conceding that it was tempting to say that the objects may be some kind of technology developed here on Earth, he ultimately opined that "I just don't think that it's from our neighborhood."

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