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Senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, discussed his continued work in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence as well as the latest space news and shared his thoughts on the UFO footage released by the Pentagon. Marveling that our modern era constitutes the first chance humanity has had to answer the fundamental question of whether or not we are alone in the universe, he detailed a forthcoming collaboration between SETI and a telescope array in New Mexico. Should we discover a signal coming from ETs, he postulated that it's unlikely that it would be a message purposely sent to Earth, but would probably be something unintentional, such as a random broadcast that we picked up by accident. During his appearance, Shostak also talked about Fast Radio Bursts, interstellar objects, and noises made by the universe.

Responding to the much-discussed Navy UFO footage which has repeatedly made headlines over the past few years, he expressed skepticism that the anomalies in the videos are extraterrestrial craft. Specifically, he said, "what disturbs me is that these things are only seen from F-18 Super Hornet aircraft. There's something suspicious about that." Shostak likened this pattern to a scenario wherein "Bigfoot was only seen with a certain brand of binoculars." Citing conversations he has had with Navy pilots, he noted that the infrared radar footage displays heat signatures and, as such, posited that perhaps the 'UFOs' are merely the exhaust of a conventional aircraft seen from a perspective which makes it appear anomalous. That said, he conceded that "it's probably too much to expect that there's a trivial explanation for this."


In the latter half, authors Gay Hendricks, PhD, and Carol Kline shared insights into how a person can change their luck and harness good fortune to unlock a dazzling life of their dreams. Hendricks stressed that the first step in making this transformation involves adjusting one's attitude so that they are "willing to get luckier." While this may sound like a simple tactic, he explained that truly making it work requires a mental commitment that should be continually reinforced until the mindset becomes almost second nature. Hendricks also advised "releasing your personal barriers to luck" and letting go of the proverbial baggage which might prevent an individual from experiencing good fortune.

Reflecting on the nature of luck, Kline said that "it's not as random as we think" and mused that it is actually just "the combined results of your attitude, your actions, and your associations." Offering another tip for those who hope to improve their fortune, she observed people often find success by pursuing "luck-worthy goals" which not only provide an individual with a personal sense of satisfaction but also helps other people. Additionally, Kline advised people to avoid having too narrow a perspective on what constitutes good fortune since this will inadvertently "close the doors to everything else," including moments in which one would find favorable luck in a form that they otherwise would not expect.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Steve Kates aka Dr. Sky

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