Rebuilding Jobs in America / Mysterious Deaths of Doctors

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Rebuilding Jobs in America / Mysterious Deaths of Doctors

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For over two decades, Hilarie Gamm has worked in the frontlines of America's high-tech field. In 2019, Gamm and two other American moms, formed American Workers Coalition - AmWorkCo to educate American legislators, and the public on the facts regarding US STEM education and employment. In the first half, she discussed the unique challenges for employees and college grads and the immigrant work program that is sidelining them from good-paying jobs. With the pandemic, our huge remote workforce has come into the limelight and shown corporations how viable working from home can be. "What scares me though," she said, "is that over the past twenty years, technology has enabled outsourcing," and that has bled some 20 million jobs from the US economy, due to the insatiable desire for cheap foreign labor.

She recommended keeping Americans' consumer data within the US, even though corporations want it to flow without boundaries so that their foreign labor pool can work with it. The program Optional Practical Training (OPT), set up for F1 Visa students, allows them to work in the US after graduation, and their employers don't have to pay taxes on them. In 2018 alone, American companies hired some 250,000 of these international students instead of American graduates to get the tax breaks, she lamented. Gamm is an advocate for the Fairness for High-Skilled Americans Act (HR 3564). Introduced by Rep. Paul Gosar, the bill would end the OPT program, and bring jobs back home.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones interviewed natural health advocate Erin Elizabeth, who revealed a growing list of doctors, researchers, microbiologists, and other related holistic health professionals who met untimely deaths in surprising and mysterious ways since 2015. Elizabeth says there are many lingering and troubling questions surrounding these cases, especially now in light of our unprecedented times that target everyone's health. The idea that these deaths (which now number over one hundred) may be connected has generally been dismissed or ignored by authorities and mainstream media. Still, Elizabeth has uncovered some common patterns, such as some of the deceased being involved with vaccines.

The latest death was just two weeks ago, when Dr. Bing Liu, a molecular biologist at the University of Pittsburgh, was murdered by a man who committed suicide afterward. Liu was said to be on the verge of a breakthrough in his COVID-19 research, Elizabeth detailed. She also talked about the sudden demise of holistic cancer specialist Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who was reportedly concerned that 'Big Pharma' might want him out of the picture, and the odd death of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, found in a river with a gunshot wound. Elizabeth noted that most of the people on the list had an alternative focus in their practice or research, and were very outspoken individuals. Coast guest Steve Quayle has also compiled lists of mysterious deaths of doctors and scientists (1994-2003 and 2004-2016), and spoke about the topic on our 2/27/03 show.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, John M. Curtis, Georgette Noory (George's Mom)

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