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George was joined in the first half by writer, producer, and director Marc Zicree, who discussed science fiction movies and television shows, including The Twilight Zone and his own Space Command series. Zicree reported working on two hour-long episodes of Space Command during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The script was written only four weeks ago and presented to the cast who sent in their parts remotely from all across the world, he explained. Amazon is considering picking up Space Command, Zicree added.

"we're all living in The Twilight Zone now in a certain way," he continued, noting how the current times would have been reflected by Rod Serling in the TV show. Serling would have been very aware about how pressure and isolation can turn people against each other, and the need to rise above that base behavior with compassion, Zicree suggested. He commented on the wide release of Martin Scorsese's Irishman to Netflix (instead of theaters), and the de-aging technology utilized in the film to make the three lead actors appear much younger. Zicree spoke about the effect of format changes on the entertainment industry. "Now when you write something you have to be mindful of approaching it visually so that it can be watched on an iPhone or on a 70-inch TV," he said.


Opens Lines followed in the second half of the program. Ninety-six-year-old Ella told George she came to the US from Germany in 1923, when she was only six and half weeks old and Adolf Hitler had just begun his rise to power. "People do not realize how blessed we are to be in America... it's the best country in the world," she said. Ella admitted she is afraid many do not realize what they have and it will eventually be lost.

Stephanie in St. Louis commented on the unrest in Minneapolis comparing it to the riots in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. "The outcry seems to be similar because we have buildings on fire... these people who are trying to make a point are destroying their own neighborhoods," she said. Longtime listener Cornelius from Louisiana shared his perspective as an African American on the tragic death of George Floyd and the ensuing riots. "That was the wrong thing to do," he said about the officer whose use of excessive force led to Floyd's death. Without cameras we would have never known about this or the recent shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, he added.

The final half hour featured a replay of Timothy Renner discussing his research into Bigfoot reports.

News segment guests: Drew Lee / Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall

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