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Biblical Prophecy and Current Events / Spirits & Hauntings

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In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle updated the numerous current events he is following, which correlate with prophecy from the Book of Revelation, including plagues, wars, and earth changes, as well as technology and legislation making way for what could be the Mark of the Beast. 2020 could go down in history as the transition into the prophesied period of 'Great Tribulation,' he stated, citing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, super floods, and supercharged atmospherics where there are areas of the globe receiving hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes in one day. "What's important to understand about the plagues that are taking place now," he said, "is that the 'bioweaponeers' have opened Pandora's Box." Further, he declared, "there is a secret cadre of world rulers that are not human," and that these "fallen angels" literally rule us.

Quayle reported that flooding from torrential rains in China is leading to a perilous situation with the Three Gorges Dam, which may overflow, and millions could die because of the population density near the structure. There is also a threat, he added, of some of China's nuclear reactors ending up like Fukushima. The Hilina Slump in Hawaii is another trouble spot after being hit by a 4.6 earthquake. If there's a subsequent sizable quake there, the whole slope might fall into the ocean and create a huge tsunami that could hit the West Coast, he warned. According to Quayle, Bill Gates has spoken of a coronavirus vaccine that will have a traceable element in it, and "without it, you won't be able to buy, sell, or trade," Quayle cautioned, as he compared this to Mark of the Beast prophecy in Revelation. 


Third generation paranormal educator, Morgan Knudsen, grew up around people who were open about other dimensions and spiritual activity. In the latter half, she discussed her work with hauntings and spirits, and how one's emotional state of being can correlate with receptivity to paranormal phenomena. "The one thing I realized early on is that there's no measuring stick for a ghost," she remarked, but what we could look at is the specific behaviors they exhibited and the role of the living in the phenomena. For instance, in situations where entities present an animalistic side, scratching or biting people, she found a connection between negative events surrounding those living in the space and how "these consciousnesses seemed to mimic the damage or trauma."

As was demonstrated in the Philip Experiment in Canada, people can even experience psychokinetic-like effects with fictional ghosts. Knudsen differentiated hauntings with repetitive phenomena where residual energy seems to be imprinted, with spirits and other intelligences that can be very aware of us, and seek our communication. Earlier in her life, when she was going through a turbulent period, she interacted with a negative entity in her apartment over a prolonged period. It pushed her in the shower, slammed doors, and kept her up night after night. She eventually realized that by doing emotional work on herself, she could alleviate the issue with the being.

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