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Evolution, ETs, & Ecology / Angelic Messages

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Evolution biologist, futurist, author, and speaker, Elisabet Sahtouris PhD has taught at MIT and the University of Massachusetts. As someone who sees the universe, i.e., all nature, as a multidimensional matter/energy/spirit continuum, she discussed the role of Earthlings in relation to extraterrestrial life, as well as ecological issues for the planet. While living in the Peruvian Andes in the 1990s, she informally surveyed the local population and found that about 50% believed that aliens interact with us. "We call them the doctors-- they always wear white," they told her. Alien interactions can take different forms, she said, including physically being taken aboard spaceships, those who internally recognize themselves as hybrids, and people who say they're channeling voices from other star systems.

While science tends to view consciousness as a late emergent product of material evolution, another way to look at it is that matter is a product of consciousness, she pointed out. Rather than a concept like intelligent design, she suggested that everything in the universe is "co-created" within the field of consciousness. Further, cooperation wins out over competition in a more mature phase of evolution, she added. When the world is in balance, we live fine with bacteria and viruses, Sahtouris said. The lockdown from the pandemic may be a kind of wake-up call so that we can give the planet a rest from the effects of global warming and pollution (more on this in her essay).


A graduate of Western University of Health Sciences with a Doctorate Degree in Optometry, Dr. Michael Terzi connects spirituality/energy with scientific reasoning. As an angel medium, he works to transmute negative energy to positive energy. In the latter half, he discussed the nature of angels, and his ability to deliver angelic messages with empathy and compassion, bringing insight and comfort to his clients. Terzi said he sees teams of angels as well as guardian angels that are associated with all individuals. His main guardian angel, "Palanariton," has been with him through multiple lifetimes, like a best friend he never knew he had.

Terzi has hypothesized that elements of the macula region in the eye's retina involved in peripheral vision may be related to seeing spiritual entities. Angels are not particularly associated with any specific religion, he revealed, but they do refer to a higher power. He sees angels as human-type forms as well as energy beings. They appear at least 8-feet tall or taller, he reported, and about a foot off the ground. Angels have an actual third eye in the forehead, he continued. It functions as a source of energy, and the light that comes from it may have been depicted as a halo in old paintings, he indicated, while what we think of as wings could be the extended energy aura around them.

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