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Nostradamus & Prophecy / Search for the Ark of the Covenant

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Authority on Nostradamus, John Hogue, returned to update his prophecy alarm in the first half. He presented his analysis of quatrains by the great sixteenth-century prophet Nostradamus that he believes describe the current pandemic, and also shared his insights on what is on the horizon for the United States, the world, and the pandemic. He suggested that Nostradamus' Quatrain 75, Century 3 may be a prediction of our current pandemic-- it mentions a plague striking Italy, France, and Spain, in the form of a shell or husk that could represent the appearance of the coronavirus. "Relief near, but the remedies far away," Nostradamus wrote. Hogue interpreted Quatrain 2, Century 65 as referencing a plague hitting Italy and America, with subsequent quarantines when Mercury is in Sagittarius (as it was in December).

By September, we will begin to realize the considerable damage to the economy, Hogue predicted, which will plunge us into a depression during the Spring of 2021, and even worse in the 2023-2024 period. He foresees the collapse of fiat currency in favor of a digital standard, as China is beginning to enact. Hogue didn't make a firm prediction yet on the outcome of the American presidential election, as he's waiting to see who Biden will pick as his running mate (he thinks Susan Rice would be a strong candidate). He does believe the election results will be held up with recounts, and that whoever is sworn in in January 2021, will likely not serve out their full term due to the presidential 'Curse of Tecumseh,' which arises every 20 years.


In the latter half, Dr. Ken Hanson, a scholar of Hebrew language and literature, discussed the story of Rabbi Yehuda Getz, who, in 1983, dug through a long-sealed tunnel underneath Jerusalem's fabled Dome of the Rock, looking for the long-lost Ark of the Covenant. It has historically been difficult to organize such digs, he explained, because of the sensitive nature of the Temple Mount (the Dome is an Islamic shrine there). Getz, a colorful character, followed an earlier underground route, 40-60 ft. below the surface, clandestinely digging into the limestone gate originally built by King Herod in the days of Jesus.

Getz saw the remains of an enormous cavernous area, and attempted to clear away the debris, hoping he might find the Ark, Hanson recounted. He claimed that he actually spotted the Ark of the Covenant in the dark recesses, but he never got to complete the exploration because of Arab objections to the dig. The subterranean area ended up being sealed with concrete. The ancient location of Shiloh, about 25 miles north of Jerusalem (now the West Bank) was also thought by some to house the Ark, noted Hanson. He also weighed in on the longstanding Arab-Israeli conflict, and outlined different pathways to peace or war.

News segment guests: Kent Heckenlively, John M. Curtis

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