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Michael Terzi

Michael Terzipicture


After Dr. Michael Terzi awakened to his mediumship abilities, he discovered we all have guardian angels that are always with us and love us unconditionally. He has an amazing ability to deliver angelic messages with empathy and compassion, bringing insight, clarity, and comfort to his clients. He also has an affinity and natural ability to transmute negative energy to positive energy which helps spirit(s) raise their vibration.

He has always felt the need to help and protect others and for years he worked as a paramedic and firefighter where he provided life support, and ambulatory care to extremely ill and injured patients. Dr. Michael graduated from Western University of Health Sciences and received his doctorate degree in Optometry. Because of his science background he connects spirituality/energy with scientific reasoning.


Past shows:

Evolution, ETs, & Ecology / Angelic Messages

Elisabet Sahtouris talked about evolution, ET life, and ecology. Followed by Dr. Michael Terzi on his angelic mediumship. More »


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