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Update on Weirdness / Precognition & Telepathy

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Joshua P. Warren is considered an expert on ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, psychic phenomena, time warps, and everything on the boundaries of "normal" reality." In part one, he began with a confession about his younger years and his attempts to "create a demon." At first, he said his efforts were apparently a failure, but soon, "all sorts of creepy stuff started to happen in my house" such as voices and moving shadows. Warren said that demons could be harnessed to do "good or bad," and power over them is apparently gained by knowing the demon's name. He also described the experience of a California woman who reported seeing a "hobgoblin" disappear before her eyes "from the feet up" in a sort of mist.r

Warren gave a report on the story of "Robert the Haunted Doll." The doll is now about 120 years old and was originally given to a boy named Robert Eugene Otto. Otto was "obsessed with this doll," he recounted, and the obsession continued into adulthood when he devoted a room in his house to the doll. For many years, visitors were convinced that Robert was cursed and brought them bad luck. Warren is now convinced that the doll has become a force for good because the first thing he said to it was, "I am here to be respectful, and I want to tell your story to the world." He also recalled the moment when he realized that the ghosts were real. He received answers to questions he asked while alone in a haunted plantation in Louisiana, which he described as "a life-altering moment."


With a master's degree in physics from UCLA, Marty Rosenblatt has worked for 35 years in areas of high energy physics using computational techniques. He is currently the President of the Applied Precognition Project (APP), which applies remote viewing to predict stock market trends and sporting event outcomes. In the second half, Rosenblatt said the results of running thousands of experiments in remote viewing and precognition "are better than chance, but they're not 100%." He hastened to add that these results are at a much higher probability than chance and that the effects were noticed by the founders of quantum physics, who declared that "consciousness is fundamental" to our physical reality. Research has confirmed, Rosenblatt said, that information conveyed psychically and at the quantum level is "instantaneous," surpassing the speed of light, which is supposed to be the limit for any physical system.

He recalled his days working for classified programs with the Defense Intelligence Agency and a paper he saw on parapsychological research. He eventually worked with CIA-contracted scientists who were doing the first research on remote viewing. He also met famed psychic Ingo Swann, who basically founded and directed most of the early government research into paranormal issues and even predicted future discoveries in space that seemed preposterous at the time, such as rings around Jupiter. Rosenblatt believes that the next step in this research is "inner work" with talented people, helping to make their predictions even more accurate. In his opinion, what we know as UFOs and aliens are most likely beings who have been able to harness a world of non-physicality.

News segment guests: Peter Breggin, Peter Davenport.

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