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Space & Technology / Mental Time Travel


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCharles Shults III, Anthony Hamilton

In the first half, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults talked about the latest news in space and technology, as well as current events, the pandemic, and the educational system. The privatization of space-related projects "is one of the best things that can happen," he said, adding that "imagine if all the automobiles were manufactured by government decree!" Several crewless missions are all headed to Mars, included a probe from UAE, one from China, and one from the US, and they may all arrive within a short span of each other. The Chinese mission, which includes a rover, will look for signs of life on the Red Planet. Regarding the development of a "Space Force," he outlined some of the military advantages of such an endeavor, with the possible capability to drop a command and control center anywhere on Earth.

One of the flaws in our education system, Shults argued, is that there is no emphasis on teaching people basic survival skills, such as growing food and getting water. "Look at the people who spend literally a quarter million dollars on a college education and come away unable to do a simple thing like change a valve on a sink," he remarked. Speaking of vaccines, he was critical of harmful additives like aluminum and mercury that they often contain. He also shared his views on COVID-19 and the development of a vaccine for it. "I think," he said, "what we're going to end up with is some version of mild nanotech...that will allow us to get into the cell and effectively turn off or remove viral code."


Retired professor of communications, Anthony Hamilton had a prophetic dream at ten years of age, which changed his life and led him to believe that we all have the ability to be time travelers. In the latter half, he shared his mind enhancement techniques that can result in greater happiness and prosperity. In his dream or vision, he was floating outside his body, looking down at himself at the age of 32 or 33. He had the strong feeling that he was experiencing a communication from the future, and at that time in his life, he would be a writer, a university professor, and married to an Asian woman-- all of which indeed came to pass.

To explain this odd phenomenon, Hamilton came up with the theory of 'Mind Time Connection.' "What we think of as memories of the past is duplicated in the future," when that time becomes part of memory, he explained. We have the power to change our thoughts. You can tap into your future goals at any age, he continued, and tilt the mind toward desired outcomes by reliving past successes and becoming imbued with that positive energy. The mind is like the cloud (in the computing sense) in which we have access to all our positive memories, he added. For more of Hamilton's tips of "mental time travel," visit his YouTube channel.

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