Strategies for Optimism / Channeled Messages

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Strategies for Optimism / Channeled Messages

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Dr. George Pratt is a clinical psychologist and best-selling author with a private practice in La Jolla, CA for over 30 years, specializing in helping people resolve emotional blocks through mind/body techniques, hypnosis, psychotherapy, and performance enhancement. In the first half, he discussed how we can choose to be optimistic in this stressful time. He began with what he believes are the fundamental keys to health and stress relief: eating healthy and exercising daily. Eating foods that will stabilize mood and exercising, especially in the outdoors, Pratt says, will "add to a sense of happiness and stabilize your mood." He stated that 95% of psychological problems and blockages stem from the subconscious, and it is there where he applies his techniques to change patients' moods and outlook.

Pratt described one of the techniques he uses to help people, called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.) He says this has been quite effective at promoting a "decrease in anxiety and feeling lighter and brighter," and involves a series of eye movements while the patient is holding "a thought about whatever's bothering them." Pratt also decried the circumstances that lead to most problems and commented that "80-90%" of issues in adulthood stem from traumatic experiences in early childhood, specifically from birth to age 6. These problems are deep and often associated with such things as abuse, neglect, and bullying. Even with these steep challenges, Pratt believes we "have the ability to heal even from the most challenging circumstances."


Paul Selig received his Master's Degree from Yale, and was on the faculty at New York University for 25 years. Often referred to as "The Psychic Professor," he experienced an awakening in 1987 that left him clairvoyant and able to channel guides from a higher level of consciousness. In the second half, he described a period of being "wonderfully self-destructive" after college and lying in a hotel room basically at the end of his rope, when he saw a bible on the table and looked up "a prayer for people in trouble." When he returned home to New York City, Selig said "a voice" began to speak to him and help him. It was not something he planned for and certainly "not what I expected to do with my life," he said. As the years passed, Selig received mental messages from what he called a group of "high vibrational beings."

Selig said his channeled messages are like "moving to the back seat of the car and turning the steering over to them" as the information comes through. In the last several years, he has had dictated (from his guides) eight full books on spiritual matters that he says "just come through me." He claims that he doesn't actually know what the books are about until they are fully dictated. He also channels living clients who ask questions and says that during these sessions he starts to "physically remember and take on the characteristics or gestures of another person," and that "sometimes it's a personal level and sometimes it's at a spiritual level" that helps diagnose and cure whatever may be ailing them. Of his guides, he says that he "feels very well-cared for" by them. In the last hour, Selig called upon his guides live on the air to answer listener questions.

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