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In the first half, historian and expert in ancient mysteries, Jonathan Cahn, joined George Noory to discuss how current events are tying in with biblical prophecy. He pondered if an ancient prophetic mystery holds the secret to the events of our times, including the pandemic. Nine harbingers or omens that appeared in ancient Israel are now being seen on American soil, he contended, and they foretell of a coming judgment. He had spoken of 2020 as being a year of "great shakings." The shakings, he said, include the division of the nation, the breakdown of infrastructure, economic collapse, and civil disorder.

Cahn cited how ancient biblical events in Israel occurred after a 19-year gap, which he compared to the 9/11 attacks (a first harbinger in the US) followed nineteen years later by the pandemic-- known as COVID-19. The prophet Jeremiah from the Hebrew Bible said that a plague would come upon the land in the 19th year, Cahn added. He suggested that President Trump is following the prototype of the ancient warrior King Jehu in Israel, helping to extend the window of time for judgment. Yet, he warned that "the destabilization of the present world order is exactly what has to happen for the 'End Times' scenario to be released."


In the latter half, author, and former college professor Alfonso Colasuonno spoke about Reiki, an energy-based healing method, and his research into the knowledge, myths, and legends of the unicorn. He recounted his life-altering exposure to the paranormal and alternative healing, which was kick-started with a past life regression, and visits to an energy healer when he was ill. During his treatment by the energy healer (who was not physically touching him), he started feeling "an energetic snake that was slithering up and down my side," which convinced him of the practice's authenticity. Eventually, he learned Reiki himself and maintained his own health and well-being through it.

Invited to co-write a book on the unicorn with the late author Vakasha Brenman, Colasuonno said he was surprised to discover so much fascinating lore about the creature that seemed to run across many different cultures. For instance, in the Middle Eastern tradition, a one-horned animal similar to the unicorn is called the Karkadann but is black rather than white. A number of legends in Europe tell of how unicorns used their horns to remove poison, he recounted. They would dip their horns into a body of water, which would then make it safe to drink. He proposed that like fairies, unicorns might be interdimensional creatures who only enter our realm when they're needed for their special powers. During the last half-hour, George played his rendition of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart.


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The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music selections. Tonight, we heard from Spiritual Athiest, Leroy Fail, William Susman Octet Ensemble, Rebb Firman, Charles Randall, Clancy Jones, and Red Tuesday. For more info on how to submit your original music, visit this page.

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