The Bermuda Triangle / Open Lines

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The Bermuda Triangle / Open Lines

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Mark Anthony, the "Psychic Lawyer," is a psychic medium who specializes in the paranormal, after death communication and near death experiences. He commented on 9-11 and the phenomenon of mass mourning or grief, as well as discussed stories from the Bermuda Triangle. "For us, [9-11] was our Pearl Harbor," Anthony said, noting how so many of us have a strong reaction to the pain and suffering of the victims because they were everyday people. If anything good can come from a tragedy like 9-11, it is that mass grief displays humanity's tendency toward empathy and compassion for strangers - it's our saving grace, he explained.

Anthony shared his experiences serving aboard two Windjammer sailing ships, Polynesia and Fantome, that sometimes entered the Bermuda Triangle. "The West Indian crew... if given a choice, they'd prefer to go around it and to avoid it." he recalled. According to Anthony, Christopher Columbus was the first to record his ships' compasses behaving erratically in the region. "This is the one thing that links all of the incidents in the Bermuda Triangle — compasses go crazy," he revealed. Anthony reported on five Navy Avenger bombers (Flight 19) that disappeared over the Triangle in 1945, and suggested they too were victims of malfunction navigational systems. He recounted the case of the USS Cyclops which vanished without a trace in the Triangle in 1918, and suggested the ship may have been hit by a 100-ft tall rogue wave.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Blair in Sedona, Arizona, relayed a story about the time James Bond author Ian Fleming met and dined with John F. Kennedy. According to Blair, the two men discussed the 007 books as well as something called Operation Ruthless, which Fleming devised during World War II. The plan involved purposely crashing a German bomber into the English Channel, killing the German rescuers, and bringing the boat back to English waters, Blair explained.

Wayne from Tacoma, Washington, theorized about what may lie beyond a black hole. He suggested particles going through a black hole travel faster than light. "It's torsion physics, and [black holes] goes to other universes or other planets," he proposed. Isa in California told George about her work as a producer on an upcoming television series called Nostradamus Mission based on the book by Daniel Berghoff. The program will cover the descendants of Nostradamus and his predictions about extraterrestrials, she explained. "I was able to really connect on different levels to this paranormal vibe that we have with Nostradamus," Isa revealed.

At the start of hour three, George asked for listeners to help in a mass intention experiment to send rain onto the Pacific Northwest fires. The final half hour featured a replay from 1/23/17, when podcaster Jim Harold shared stories of the strange and unexplained.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Robert Zimmerman / Tim Binnall

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