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Operation 40 / Shared Past Lives

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Truth seeker, code breaker and peacemaker, Ole Dammegard, joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss Operation 40, a CIA-sponsored assassination squad acting on behalf of the Deep State. The group was presided over by then-Vice President Richard Nixon and funds were funneled into the group by George H.W. Bush, Dammegard reported. Founding members included decorated CIA officer Ted Shackley acting as station chief of the CIA's Miami station, David Atlee Phillips (handler of Lee Harvey Oswald), and E. Howard Hunt (conspirator in the JFK assassination). The group focused on recruiting exiled Cubans, Dammegard noted.

"They were trained in everything from handling bazookas to mines to poisons to shooting... anything that could kill a person," he continued. Operation 40 was initially aimed at Fidel Castro, but after the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion the focus was turned toward President Kennedy. "This canon that they had built to take out Fidel Castro was now turned around and aimed at JFK instead," Dammegard explained. He outlined the Operation 40 members who were onsite around Dealey Plaza and involved in JFK's assassination, as well as linked others in the group to the assassinations of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara and John Lennon.


During the second half of the program, David Bettenhausen and Carla Bogni-Kidd discussed how through meditation the two uncovered they had lived 29 past lives together. Bettenhausen recounted one of the first visions he had while meditating in which he saw a woman similar in appearance to Bogni-Kidd who showed him a specific pair of shoes. Bogni-Kidd helped him identify the footwear and discovered it was the exact shoe her mother wore during her life. "It was not possible for him to know that was the shoe she wore," Bogni-Kidd said. The two also described how meditation sessions allowed them to recall the day in 1962 when they met as kids while at the beach with their families. Later, as adults, Bettenhausen and Bogni-Kidd found each other again, working together in a professional capacity, they revealed.

Bettenhausen described a memory of a past life from 1925 when he was called JJ and Bogni-Kidd was a Flapper named Ruby, and they were married to each other. In one particularly powerful memory, JJ was surrounded by a group of men and shot in the chest, Bettenhausen recalled. According to Bogni-Kidd, she was able to verify the existence of JJ and Ruby on an ancestry website. The realization she and Bettenhausen had an intimate past life together was overwhelming. "I was having these feelings for this man that I didn't have in the present... it was very uncomfortable," she said. "We travel in what we call family-mates and karmic-mates, those people either who have helped us along the way... or people that we've developed karma with that we need to return to and try to fix some of that karma," Bettenhausen added.

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