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Energy Technology & Healing / Strange Manifestations

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In the first half, Doctor of Engineering Physics, Tom Valone, talked about his work with bio-electromagnetic healing, as well as zero-point energy, Tesla technology, and UFO energy and propulsion systems. He has worked with and developed various energy devices to boost a person's vitality and immune system, such as the "Premier Junior," which transfers high voltage (HV) but very low current electrons through the skin. Valone credited Nikola Tesla for coming up with the idea of treating the human body with HV. Tesla found that human tissues were condensers or capacitors with membranes that insulate against HV's effects, Valone explained, adding that electrical energy powers cell operations, including in the immune system.

Copper and silver have been found to have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties, and Valone has developed a simple tri-metal bracelet that passes beneficial mineral ions into the skin (related info). Along those lines, he suggested that stainless steel fixtures in hospitals be replaced with brass and copper ones. He also talked about the Osteopad invention as a helpful treatment for brittle bones. Valone shared his interest in UFOs and contactees like George Van Tassel, which led him into his initial research into free energy. The kind of spacecraft contactees described suggested an advanced technology that could revolutionize our energy systems. For more, view additional materials Valone sent us.


For over 45 years, John Russell has worked as a professional psychic with a worldwide clientele and has witnessed over 800 supernatural manifestations as a paranormal investigator. In the latter half, he shared accounts of his spirit contacts, readings, and unusual experiences. Growing up in a home with ghostly activity, he became aware of his psychic abilities at just six years of age. In the family home, it was an everyday occurrence to see apparitions, chairs that rocked by themselves, and doors opening and closing without anyone there, he recalled. He detailed an odd sighting at age 20 in his hometown of San Angelo, TX, when he saw an inexplicable cloud, with glowing colored orbs that came closer and receded. Russell walked toward the cloud, and it seemed to mimic his movements. Later that night, numerous witnesses saw a shiny metallic disc hovering over a Sears building.

One of his strangest and most memorable sightings as a child was when he saw a "five-pointed-star," the size of a house, fall slowly from the sky and land in a vacant lot. Regarding his psychic abilities, he said they seem to stem from energies that come from both within him and outside of him. "There have been times that I've been able to physically manipulate things" and move objects in a psychokinetic manner, he cited. Russell spoke of the curious "wounded healer" phenomenon that applies to him: Though he has often helped people's ailments through his psychic healing, he can't use these abilities on his own physical problems (he walks with a cane). During the last hour, he provided readings for callers.

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