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Astrology Alignment / Sasquatch Explorations

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In the first half, astrologer Mark Lerner discussed why a planetary alignment every 20 years creates election chaos and how 2020 will be no different, as well as his outlook for the year ahead. In this 20-year cycle, Jupiter and Saturn come together at the beginning of Aquarius, which this year will culminate in the Winter Solstice. This cycle relates to the challenging and overwhelming aspects we've already faced this year, he explained. Mars will be in retrograde during the US election cycle, he continued, adding that such retrograde periods also took place during contentious elections in the 19th century. Further, Mars is in relation to the dwarf planet Eris, which represents warlike energy, and death & rebirth.

A Blue Moon or second full moon of October occurs on Halloween, and it is extra powerful as the planet Uranus is united with the Moon, Lerner shared. The planet Mercury, which frequently goes retrograde, will come out of this right on election day, November 3rd, but will remain stationary on that day. Lerner has looked at the astrology of COVID-19, and found similar patterns that occurred in previous plagues. He expressed concern that we're falling into the same mistakes made during the 1918 Spanish Flu, when the disease hit hard in a second wave. For more, check out Lerner's podcast series, which delves deeply into coronavirus and the pandemic.


Todd Standing has been conducting expeditions, and documenting and interviewing people about the Sasquatch subject for almost 15 years. Danielle Diva Borozan is a spiritual advisor, researcher, and symbolist. In the latter half, they shared their latest efforts to uncover definitive proof of and establish protection for the species commonly referred to as Bigfoot. Rather than some kind of missing link, Standing considers the creatures to be advanced hominids who have survival skills in the wilderness that far surpass humans. The reason Bigfoot have never been captured is that they are highly intelligent and can evade detection, he noted. He believes that rather than using a spoken language, they can communicate telepathically, and he and Borozan teamed up to explore this spiritual side of Bigfoot.

She described her telepathic communications with the creatures, stating that the females are more curious about humans, and the males more aggressive. She said she was also able to assist Standing by tuning in on their locations when looking at evidence or photos. Some of the creatures are up to 10 feet tall, Standing cited, adding that he's had some thirty sightings, some up very close. In one encounter while setting up a spiritual ritual, he said he was actually lifted up by a Sasquatch and moved around. With all the evidence that's been accumulated (including DNA, photos & video, dermal ridges), he finds it frustrating that mainstream science has yet to accept the reality of these beings.

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