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Transforming the Mind / Palmistry & Predictions

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Multi-faceted coach, writer, speaker, and author, Meredith Herrenbruck is an experienced NLP coach who utilizes her multi-disciplinary knowledge base to enhance peak performance. In the first half, she discussed her work, helping clients release their triggers, traumas, unwanted patterns, and belief systems that stop them from getting what they want in life. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) explores the connections between neurological processes, language, and behaviors. These different aspects form our mental programming, and NLP can uncover the root cause of a person's issues, she explained. Coping choices we made as a child can become lodged in our psyche (particularly in traumatic situations). And this, she continued, can cause us to be stuck, operating on old systems that don't serve us well.

When a person has repeated nightmares or other issues, it can be a sign of buried or unresolved conflicts that need attention. Herrenbruck believes that entities, psychic attachments, and inherited family dynamics can also contribute to ongoing issues in a person's life. She cited an intriguing case in which a woman was plagued by nightmares involving an unknown white house. During a hypnotic session with the client, Herrenbruck learned that the woman had inadvertently picked up an entity attachment at an airport, and it was actually the entity's nightmare she was experiencing. Herrenbruck releases such entities as part of her therapeutic approach. Another of her clients had "soul fragments" after going through a trauma, and she reported being able to integrate his fragmentation within a single session.


In the latter half, Vernon Mahabal, founder and director of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles, spoke about what palmistry can reveal about a person, as well as astrological and Vedic insights. He also shared his predictions for the year ahead based on trends he pulls together from readings of his clients' hands. Things will continue to be rough until February 2021, at which point the pandemic lockdowns and isolation will be mostly over, he forecasted. 2020, he added, was ruled by "Saturnian" energy that involved limitations, and not moving forward. The protest movements in America will continue in 2021, but more violent or extreme aspects will be curbed, he said.

2021 is ruled by "Mercurian" energy, which will bring more relief, fun, and adventure, he offered. There will be struggles in some industries, but business will pick up to a large degree, he added. Mahabal predicted that Trump will be reelected for a second term. He gave a reading to congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard in 2008, and believes she'll be a strong contender for the presidency in 4-8 years. In 2022, we'll go into a period where Venus will have increased influence, leading to more intimacy, communication, and closeness, he cited. Mahabal shared a tip on how to activate a "power spot" with the hands to get in touch with your intuition: Briefly hold your left hand over your heart, with a little bit of space between the fingers. Then place your right hand on top of that.

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