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Lost Civilization / Dreams & Multiple Realities

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An unconventional thinker who raises legitimate questions about humanity's history and prehistory, author Graham Hancock discussed his work examining evidence for an advanced civilization, lost to history in a global cataclysm. We've been taught that North and South America were empty of humans until around 13,000 years ago-- evidence for the Clovis culture was found in New Mexico going back that far. But according to Hancock, recent discoveries have radically altered this long-established picture, and there is evidence that the Americas were first peopled more than 130,000 years ago – thousands of years before human settlements were established elsewhere such as Africa. "That leaves a tremendous scope for the development of civilization in America," he said, but a cataclysmic series of cometary debris hit the area around 12,000 years ago and wiped them out. Their civilization was not as technologically advanced as ours, he noted, but they were far ahead of the Ice Age hunter-gatherers. 

This lost civilization was at least as advanced as ours was in the late 18th century, he estimated, and evidence for this includes sea maps made during the Ice Age that portrayed the land masses as they existed then. One of the ancient maps depicted a huge island off North America (now underwater) that contained a row of large megaliths, he detailed. Hancock believes this civilization or their offshoots were responsible for building the base and subterranean chambers of the Great Pyramid some 12,500 years ago, and they used a whole different way of manipulating matter allowing for incredible precision and scale. For more, check out a video trailer for his book "America Before," and the recap from his 2019 appearance.


A psychologist in private practice in New York City, Susan Plunket is also a fantasy fiction writer. In the latter half, she spoke about dreams, Jungian analysis, multiple realities, past lives, and near-death experiences. Freud, she explained, viewed the unconscious as a kind of attic where our suppressed and intolerable feelings were stuffed, while Jung saw it as a world of wonder and a gateway to all kinds of realms and realities. Plunket believes we've had many incarnations, and not just as humans-- our past and future lives occur on other planets, in other galaxies, with different kinds of bodies. Some of these lives may come through in dreams, she said, as well as glimpses of the future, as our unconscious is not bounded by the timeline and 3rd dimensional reality.

Plunket revealed that she receives information through channeling sessions, which she also uses for her writing. Higher-dimensional beings that she calls the 'Wanderers' are continually incarnating on Earth-- there may be some 70 million of them on our planet now, she suggested, and they're coming here to help humanity evolve spiritually. Dreams can serve as warnings, wake up calls, and gifts that prepare us for a new reality, she added. During the last hour, she analyzed callers' dreams, decoding their symbols, and offering interpretations.

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