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Cayce, Healing, & Astrology / Mothman & Other Tales

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Dr. Scott Keller has been a Board-certified practicing chiropractor for 27 years, as well as an astrologer, medical intuitive, and ayurvedic physician. In 1995, he became the first practicing "Caycean" chiropractor using the Edgar Cayce modalities. In the first half, he discussed Cayce's medical teachings and how the combination of astrology and Ayurveda (an ancient Indian system of medicine) can be used to create abundance and health. Cayce, he noted, could be considered the father of natural medicine in the modern era. As to how astrology connects to our health, he explained that all the heavy weighted celestial bodies in the solar system with their gravity, ionic charges, and magnetism affect our neurological structures, and the body, especially because it is primarily composed of fluids.

There are three different ayurvedic types or energies. Each of us, Keller said, has one or maybe two that prevail: Pitta-- very reactive, fire & water, focused on detail; Vata-- etheric and intuitive; Kapha-- slow, methodical, and relaxed. These different energies can become imbalanced, which may be related to what is going on with a person astrologically, he added. Starting in December of this year, the astrological situation involving such planets as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto is changing, and he foresees 2021 being a more positive time. During the second hour, he offered astrological readings for callers. 


In the latter half, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren shared updates on Mothman, Robert the Doll, high strangeness in Death Valley, and other mysteries. The repeated sightings of a winged creature in the Point Pleasant, West Virginia area during 1966-7 culminated with a deadly bridge collapse, and some witnesses even said they saw Mothman on the bridge that day, he recounted. "All throughout history, we do have this sense that there are winged beings that are somehow interacting, if not manipulating, humankind," he commented. Whether such beings are angels or demons or something in between, they may become visible to us during certain conditions, Warren surmised.

Death Valley is considered a "dark sky preserve," where a vast number of stars can be seen, in addition to occasional UFOs. At the Racetrack Playa, stones have been known to slide around on their own. Elsewhere in the desert area, he reported that the ghosts of camels were spotted, explorers discovered giant mummies, and there have been odd cases of time warps. Regarding the haunted Robert the Doll, Warren was able to examine him outside of his glass case in Key West, and discovered an odd sigil or symbol on the sleeve that only showed up in UV light. Joshua, along with Sandra Champlain, are the first show hosts of C2C's new Paranormal Podcast Network. A new episode of Joshua's program, Strange Things, will be posted every Friday. 

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Kevin Randle

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