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Do you ever get a feeling inside telling you that you are not alone and that there is something more to life as we see it? According to Rick Wagner, after his near-death experience, he witnessed what he says is proof of an afterlife. He joined Lisa Garr (email) to discuss his longtime investigation into ghosts and spirits. Wagner's near-death experience occurred during a 1990 motorcycle crash, where he perceived his deceased grandmother arriving to help him stay alive. He says the doctors were amazed and told him, "you should be dead." Most people are afraid of ghosts because "our default emotion is fear," Wagner noted, adding that many ghosts are simply family members trying to communicate some message and may not even realize that they are dead. He distinguishes between ghosts and spirits by stating that "spirits are happy where they are, ghosts are the ones that are lost."

Wagner, who works as an intuitive coach, recalled how one of his clients was having suicidal thoughts even though he wasn't depressed, and his life was otherwise a happy one. He asked a few questions and realized there was a depressed spirit named "Henry" who wanted the man to join him in the afterlife. When he understood what was going on and told the spirit to leave, the man's symptoms disappeared. Many spirit manifestations that we might categorize as "poltergeists," which are doing things like throwing objects and turning lights off and on, are generally spirits of children, he explained, whereas "older spirits are lost and lonely, that's where the depression comes from." He believes that disembodied spirits may visit children more often because they are more likely to "see" them.

Wagner also described a technique he uses in his real estate practice to clear "stagnant or heavy energy" from homes, which utilizes a small flame fueled by "salts, herbs, and oils." He detailed how when the flame reaches a problem area, they may grow "up to four feet" and then go out. He said that this clears the area of energy that may block potential buyers from feeling comfortable with the property, concluding that "you don't want to buy a house with crappy energy." He announced a contest that listeners can participate in to try and find ghosts he has artificially placed in a video of the haunted Carleton Mansion, which he called "the most haunted house in the US." Wagner also took calls from listeners with ghost stories and issues with which they needed help or advice.


During Open Lines in the last hour, Gloria from South Carolina spoke about a "preteen, very playful" entity that shows up at her home and appears as a shadow "popping in and out." Dan in Washington state recounted his experience in a haunted hotel in Jerome, Arizona, where he saw an "eight-inch wide light" that appeared near his bed and then "crossed the entire room and went out." Doug called from New Jersey to describe an aluminum fishing boat he sold to someone who called him soon after and said that the oars were "jumping about 3 or 4 inches" in the boat. He grabbed them, and they stopped, but soon started up again. The former owner said that the lake where this had happened was his father's favorite place to fish. Janet from Missouri reported that grass doesn't seem to grow over her husband's grave no matter what she tries to do. She believes this is because "he's mad at me because I pulled the plug on him, essentially" when he was in the hospital.

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