Afterlife Scenarios / UFOs & Time Travelers

Afterlife Scenarios / UFOs & Time Travelers


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsStafford Betty, Diane Tessman

Stafford Betty, Professor of Religious Studies at California State University, joined George Knapp to discuss differences in afterlife scenarios of the world's religions, and other sources. Rather than religious claims, he feels that paranormal and parapsychological studies have "come up with something that's far more logical and acceptable." Betty said that we take who we are into the next life and that while we are here, our brains "can be thought of as an electromagnetic television set that tunes into information," and consciousness is not a simple product of the neurons and other cells that comprise its structure.

Betty said that spirit mediums almost universally describe the afterlife as a world much like our own, but without things like gas stations, fire stations, etc. and that they do not refer to it as "heaven." It is reported to be "a vast region of every conceivable type of experience" that is colored by the character you exhibited in your earthy life. Evil or malevolent beings also inhabit this realm, continued Betty, and some of them attach themselves to the living to experience their issues (such as alcoholism). Betty said he has learned from his research that what you believe is not what determines your fate. It is what you do and who you are. He disagrees strongly that belief in any deity changes your path in the afterlife. Betty concluded that "soul building or character development is the purpose of our earthly journey."


Experiencer and UFO activist Diane Tessman joined the second half of the program to discuss her lifetime of spirit and UFO contacts and the messages she says she has received from a space person she calls "Tibus." Tessman said that she was abducted at age four by a UFO occupant, but did not remember the episode completely until she underwent hypnosis at age 32 with famed psychologist/ UFO researcher Dr. Leo Sprinkle. She recalled that Tibus looked pretty much like an ordinary human, except for his eyes, which she described as "amber colored…very mesmerizing." He described himself as being "from your future."

Tessman was a member of both the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and briefly served as Florida state section director for the former. She said this gave her a sense of "the difference between objective and subjective," and as a channeler, she believes in the objective nature of the messages she has received for years. Tessman does not go into a meditation or trance state to channel her material. She gets "inspiration" to write down concepts and messages, almost like a "muse." Living in Ireland for five years, she began to channel messages from the ancient fairy race called the "Tuatha Dé Danann," and still does to this day. In 1995, she moved to the area near the famed Giant Rock in Southern California - a landmark where UFO religions flourished in the 1950s. It was there she said she witnessed what she perceived as 'praying mantis'-type beings. They told her, "you're not ready for us yet, but we like you, and maybe you'll be ready for us some day." Related images.



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