Remote Viewing Updates / Gobekli Tepe & Stonehenge

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Remote Viewing Updates / Gobekli Tepe & Stonehenge

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In the first half, remote viewing teacher Maj. Ed Dames shared information about global changes, including the solar kill shot, mutations of COVID-19, and geopolitical events, and how to prepare for them. The COVID lockdowns are a perfect opportunity for the "global elite" to reset the economy and take advantage of the situation, he asserted. Airlines are experimenting with "immunity passes," he reported, in which passengers show their COVID test results to travel. In the future, showing one's vaccination status (which may be indicated by 'quantum dot' tattoos that are scanned by readers) could be required by business establishments.

One of the COVID vaccines being tested uses messenger RNA and edits all the body's cells, he said, and this could be passed along to one's progeny. Such vaccines might render humans sterile, he warned, and this ties in with the elite's plan for population control, he suggested. Dames also talked about how strange white spheres of a possible alien source have been detected near secret spy satellites such as the KH-9 and KH-11 (view related image). Regarding his Project Starman, he spoke about the enigma of Bigfoot as a way aliens bring attention to contact issues, and how a location (he plans to travel to) in Lassen Volcanic National Park may be a kind of portal for non-human intelligences. For more, check out his Final Countdown videos posted on YouTube.


Science and history writer Andrew Collins has been investigating the origins of human civilization for over three decades. He is a noted explorer and the co-discoverer of a massive cave complex beneath the Giza plateau, now known as "Collins' Caves." In the latter half, he discussed the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, the mysterious Göbekli Tepe site, and the Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx. There is new evidence, he detailed, that Stonehenge functioned as a kind of sound generator that penetrated through the earth and may have produced what we might call 'plasma UFOs,' today. These unusual lights have reportedly been seen near Stonehenge for centuries, he stated, and may represent a type of sentient being or ultraterrestrial. Collins surmised the ancient people who created the Stonehenge sound generation, used this technology to connect with their ancestors ritually.

The knowledge and sophistication of the ancient site Göbekli Tepe (which has been called the "smoking gun" of a lost civilization) may have been handed down by a forerunner race-- the Denisovans, who date back as far as 45,000 years ago, according to his research. Some stones at the site have the imagery of foxes carved into them, and hundreds of fox bones have been found there. It has been suggested that there may have been a shamanic cult related to this animal. The vulture, also found on stones there, may symbolize the journey and transformation of the soul from this world to the next, Collins theorized. For more, view his documentary with Hugh Newman, "Sonic Temple in the Stonehenge Landscape."

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Charles Coppes

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