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Co-founder of Swander Pace Capital, a private equity firm with more than $1.5 billion under management, J.B. Handley presented his analysis of worldwide data released about COVID-19, contending that the real numbers and remedies for the pandemic have been hidden. Handley said he believes that the official response to the pandemic in the US has been "utter madness." Lockdowns, he said, were not even considered in past pandemics, and the present response basically "copied a totalitarian regime." The tests used for COVID-19 now are far too sensitive and yield questionable results, he continued. According to his research into past trends in infectious diseases, "there's plenty of science now to show us" herd immunity for this virus is when 10% of the population has been infected, not 60 or 70% as with other diseases.

Handley argued that the media gets more attention and click-throughs when they rely on "fear and panic" and this has fed on itself over the past months to the point where no alternative research or points of view are considered. He believes there is "no denying that the lockdown severity and political party are highly correlated," and that at this time "people are literally willing to keep children out of school to settle a score." Handley also spoke briefly on his experience dealing with his son's autism. He says the evidence he's uncovered points to a virus-based cause for the condition, and not a genetic one. He concluded that "every vaccine should be the choice of a parent or a person [whether] to put them in their body."


A graduate of the Columbia University MFA Writing Program, Chris Vola, has written about drinks, literature, and pop culture. In part two, Vola took a deep dive into the conspiracy world and shared surprising discoveries about some of the theories old and new, from the JFK assassination to QAnon. Vola said that he specializes in fiction but has been interested in conspiracies since he was "7 or 8 years old with the X Files." He believes that we are living in a time where "misinformation is at an all-time high" and where those who feel powerless "really just want something to believe in" and that they "want to be part of a good vs. evil narrative." His book, he noted, "I Is For Illuminati," was originally going to be titled "A is For Aliens," but his publisher was putting out another UFO book at about the same time.

Vola said that since we are living in a time of mistrust in authority and the government, this virtually assures that conspiracy theories will gain a foothold. As for a group like the fabled "Illuminati," Vola believes that there is "probably some kind of group pulling the strings" of world events. He remarked that one of his favorite conspiracy theories is that Walt Disney was frozen and that his body is in storage deep below the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland. He added that there is a second, stranger theory that the Disney animated movie "Frozen" was created to draw attention away from internet searches for this subject. He said his favorite review for his new book was "it's anxiety-producing in the most entertaining way possible."

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Michael Shedlock

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