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Author Robert Zubrin is the founder of the Mars Society, an organization dedicated to furthering the exploration of Mars. In the first half, he discussed the recent news of water discovered on the Moon's surface, as well as updates on space exploration, including SpaceX and Mars. NASA's SOFIA telescope, flown in the stratosphere, spotted small quantities of water scattered all over the Moon. In another study, water was also discovered in little craters near the pole, and these small clumps of ice, he pointed out, could prove to be more accessible than the large ice deposits at the poles. The source of the water is believed to come from comets, he noted.

SpaceX has demonstrated that private enterprise can develop new technologies at much less cost and time than government programs like NASA. SpaceX's new Starship, a heavy-lift booster, will cut down expenses even further, he added, and is getting ready for test flights. In Elon Musk's Mars exploration plan, one of the Starships can act as a tanker and refuel a ship traveling to the Red Planet, he explained. Regarding the terraforming of Mars to make it more habitable, Zubrin suggested that technologies we may invent in the future could make this a more feasible goal. The Mars Society recently held its convention virtually, and the presentations are now available on their YouTube channel, including Zubrin's interview with Musk.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her interview with Jesse Leimkuehler, owner and manager of the Belvoir Winery and Inn in Liberty, Missouri, which has a strange and mysterious history. It is called one of the world's spookiest places and has become a hotspot for ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, and adventure-seeking guests. Dating back to 1895, the complex was previously home to an orphanage, an Odd Fellows Home for the indigent and elderly, a hospital, and a cemetery on the hillside. Over the two decades, Leimkuehler has been there, he and his family have felt and seen odd things. His wife was walking down a hall and felt something push on her shoulder somewhat forcibly, but there was no one there.

He told Cheryll he's actually seen three different apparitions, including one of a little boy wearing knickers and brown boots. It was very clear and lasted for about five seconds, he said. "The only reason I knew it was an apparition was because as I was watching, I could literally see the carvings on the fireplace through the little boy." He also recounted the uncanny experiences of some of the Inn guests. One woman awakened around 3 AM and saw two young girls standing at the foot of her bed. She felt frightened, but her husband was sound asleep. That morning Leimkuehler spoke to another female guest, who described almost the same experience occurring to her in a similar time frame. He introduced the two women who compared notes and found comfort over their shared experience.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Dr. Peter Breggin

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