Prophecy & the Election / Understanding Intuition

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Prophecy & the Election / Understanding Intuition

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In the first half, authority on the great seer Nostradamus, John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm and share his analysis of the 2020 American election, and the factors affecting it. Based on his prophetic instincts and astrological studies, he's concluded that Joe Biden will win the popular vote in a tight race, but Donald Trump will win the electoral college with around 320 votes. However, he cautioned there will be contested legal issues (like the 2000 Florida recount) that may tie up the election results until early January (when Jupiter pulls out of a conjunction with Saturn). He further pointed out that the Tecumseh curse, which started in 1840, seems to impact the presidency with tragedy every 20 years.

The astrology shows that there may be Democratic voter apathy, but the Republicans will have a huge turnout on election day, he commented. Additionally, from looking at the astrology, he sees one of the VP candidates-- Mike Pence or Kamala Harris, serving as president sometime within the next four years. A 'Plutonian' life cycle is coming to an end, he added, and America is entering a revolutionary period that will play out in two four-year cycles, with changes to the Constitution and a different understanding of liberalism and conservatism. Hogue was also critical of the press and journalism for becoming more biased in the way they cover the political landscape.


In the latter half, Kim Chestney, the founder of Intuition Lab, discussed the importance of intuition and how we can use it to access our natural truths, creativity, and insight. The best way to tune in to your intuition is to slow down and quiet your mind, as "it's in the stillness that your intuition speaks," she explained, and these moments can occur spontaneously, such as when you're taking a shower or on a walk. She referred to intuition as a kind of "quantum thinking" that bypasses linear thinking and the ego. It could also be thought of as one's connection to a higher power.

Addressing the scientific theory that we're living in a simulation, she noted that if that is true, intuition may connect us to what is beyond that. It's "our secret weapon" that allows us to see through the illusory aspects of life, she enthused, and even discover truths that may be irrational or fantastical. We live in a world fraught with confusion and deception, Chestney continued, but by connecting with our intuition, we can rise above limitations and take control back, standing in our own truth and power. Intuition can come in a quick flash, she added, perceiving information in a singular moment. Sometimes these flashes can save a person's life, warning them of danger ahead. She cited some instances of this, and several callers did as well.

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