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Paracas Skulls & Nephilim / Supporting Veterans

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L. A. Marzulli is an author, lecturer, and filmmaker. He discussed his latest work examining the scientific evidence that the Paracas elongated skulls excavated in Peru are not human and could be remains of one of the Nephilim tribes. The skulls are about 700-800 years old with elongated craniums. Marzulli said that, while the phenomenon of artificially lengthening skulls is practiced "worldwide," he and his team of scientists and medical professionals are convinced that the Paracas skulls are not artificially changed. He said that "what we're looking at in our opinion, is something genetic." Related video / images.

Marzulli noted that over the course of three years and at two different labs, and with three separate testing trials, they were able to extract 58 samples of DNA from the skulls and mummies found in Peru. 28 of them contained enough material to make a positive identification. What was found was that many contained genetic material from "Middle Eastern" and "Western European" origins. Marzulli believes that this "rewrites history as we know it." He pointed out that some of the eye sockets in the skulls are 30% larger than normal human eyes, which could not have been done with simple deformation. According to Marzulli, this proves the skulls belonged to a non-human race, which he thinks are the biblical human-hybrids known as the "Nephilim."


Author, near-death experiencer, and hospice volunteer Dannion Brinkley is chairman of the Twilight Brigade, his nonprofit service for helping veterans, consisting of approximately 5,500 volunteers nationwide. In the second half, he discussed the state of American veterans and what needs to be done to better honor those who have served. Famous for experiencing and writing about two near-death experiences he has undergone, Brinkley is also a veteran and a tireless advocate for veteran's rights. He and George have been discussing the issues surrounding soldiers for 23 years. Suicide takes the lives of 19-27 veterans every day, he lamented, and we are in dire need of a system to guide and support them.

Brinkley has spent decades in VA hospitals talking with, comforting, and helping veterans through anguish, injuries, and even their final moments. He cautioned against letting "fear and control" wielded by those in control of the system cause us to make bad decisions about health and health care. Brinkley urged veterans and those who care about them to call the VA about the Mission Act, which allows them to seek other care when the VA system is not working for them. He defined Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as "created by seeing something that you contributed to that created a moral dilemma" and noted that it's treatable if those charged with caregiving make this a priority.

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