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Alien Military Cases / Open Lines

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Retired Air Force Major George Filer III, a decorated former intelligence officer, joined Connie Willis (info) to declare that an alien was shot and killed in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey by a military police officer in the late 1970s. Filer first described an encounter he had over England in the 1950s while flying in a refueling tanker. The crew was asked to intercept a UFO and observed "a long cigar or cylinder shape with dozens of lights on it." Filer stated that the armed forces knew not to shoot at UFOs, because "if we shoot at them, they respond," and the outcome was usually fatal for the pilots and crew. He said the public would "be amazed at how many we've lost" in hostile encounters with UFOs. A few days after the incident, Filer and his crew met with Prince Phillip (spouse of Queen Elizabeth), who asked them to describe the encounter. He recalled that the object had a radar return that indicated it was over a mile in length.

Filer described the amazing January 18, 1978 incident at McGuire Air Force Base where an apparent alien being was shot and killed. As the base's ranking intelligence officer, he was tasked with compiling a report and briefing on the incident. Through interviews with security and other base personnel, he pieced together the account that an Army security officer shot the being at Fort Dix (which bordered McGuire). The being then ran to the end of the runway at the Air Force base, where it died. Control tower personnel recalled that they observed three UFOs land at the end of the runway and stated that "little men were running around," apparently looking for their dead comrade. The Air Force found the body, but were quickly instructed to step aside by men in black uniforms from Washington DC. Filer was told that the remains were flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. An author of a book about the incident, John Guerra, has described the events as well. Interestingly, Filer stated that in his experience, the higher up the chain of command you go, "the more they know for sure that UFOs exist."


Open Lines occupied the second half of the program. Jeff in California described photos he located and posted online from the Apollo 17 mission showing what he described as an alien helium mining mission on the surface of the moon that looked like "a submarine with cylinders attached." Bonnie in Nevada spoke about her abduction experiences and what she says is a "chip" implanted in her right eye that "reads the image off the retina" and sends it to an alien race which provides them with "eyes on the ground" for abductions and other nefarious activities. Larry from Washington told a story of how he was duck hunting when he heard a voice in his head say, "you're better off staying down." On the shoreline, he observed a family of Sasquatch leaving the area quickly. He did as he was told and later found out that he may have avoided being a witness to a mob murder nearby.

Myron in Ohio recalled a dramatic sighting he had as a high school student in Texas in 1973. He and four friends were coming home from a karate lesson when they saw "a UFO coming in on the runway of this little airport." As they drove by, they observed "a commander or military representative and standing next to him was a little ET." Donald from Florida stated that he was not a believer in Bigfoot and "didn't want to see one" until he was startled on a camping trip near a swamp at night. He recalled that a huge creature moved with incredible speed while hardly disturbing the water where it emerged. Mark from Texas recalled a dramatic UFO sighting of an object with "lights the size of big Ford truck" gliding silently through his neighborhood late at night.

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