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Zimbabwe UFO Encounter / Haunted Locations

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In 1994, 60-plus children at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe reported experiencing the same UFO encounter. These young kids, traumatized by what they all saw, were interviewed extensively by the BBC, investigative journalists, and a noted psychiatrist. The event continues to have an impact on many of their lives. Filmmaker of the new UFO documentary The Phenomenon, James Fox, joined George Knapp to discuss the remarkable incident. Lisil Field and Salma Siddick, who were students at Ariel, also joined the program to share their eyewitness accounts.

Objects were seen over the region of South Africa for several days before the Ruwa event, Fox reported. What makes the case so fascinating is the sheer volume of eyewitness testimony, he continued, noting it is the most compelling close encounter in world history. "Anyone who looks at those interviews with the children is going to conclude the same thing: the children are not lying—something truly inexplicable took place," Fox said.

Field described being outside the school during the event, seeing flashing lights, and running toward the outer boundary of the playground. "I remember seeing a shiny [object] that started hovering and I saw two beings... dressed in black," she recalled, noting one being had black hair. Siddick had a similar experience but only remembers seeing a single entity. "I did see at least one [being] in front of me," she said, pointing out this entity had no hair and captivating eyes. The being instantly disappeared and reappeared in another area of the property surrounding the school, Siddick added.


Author and podcast host Kitsie Duncan is on a journey to find out what's beyond the earthly plane and prove to the world it is real. During the second half of the program, she discussed her paranormal investigations into some notoriously haunted locations with stories from the souls roaming these locales. "There's all kinds of different ways to approach the paranormal... and I was fortunate through [my] journey to find out what worked for me and how to get [spirits] to communicate with me," she said. Duncan commented on the drama among ghost investigation teams and the competition to get into some haunted locations, noting places like Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, have to be booked a year in advance.

Duncan detailed her exploration of Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, Indiana. The place is currently a museum so permission must be granted to conduct investigations there, she explained. Duncan had heard reports of similar paranormal experiences from people who had worked in the house. "They've seen a woman in a long green Victorian dress," she noted. Duncan admitted she had only hoped to get a hit on her K2 EMF meter, which is said to respond to the energy of nearby spirits, but also brought along dowsing rods. "Immediately, once we sat down and started investigating, [the rods] started crossing," she recalled. Duncan reported using them to speak to a departed teenage servant named Anna. She also revealed her team witnessed an unusual shadow move through a hallway, as well as captured a strange floating mist (which passed through her body).

Knapp's News 11/21/20

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items of interest, including an article about an ancient Egyptian temple with inscriptions of unknown constellations, a report on decommissioning the Arecibo radio dish, and George's own investigation into the identity of the stolen Fronczak baby:

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