Changing American Demographics / Light Beings & Orbs

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Changing American Demographics / Light Beings & Orbs

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In the first half, demographer and generational marketing expert Ken Gronbach discussed how the United States' changing demographics will affect the country in the years ahead. Millennials (born 1985-2004) are the largest generation ever born in America (88 million) and even outnumber the Boomers. He suggested they influenced the outcome of the recent presidential election, as some 16 million new voters entered the ranks in 2020, while some 8 million older voters died off. The rule of thumb, according to Gronbach, is that younger voters tend to be more liberal, and older ones more conservative. The Trump campaign, he noted, didn't really broaden its base and court younger citizens.

Millennials, as they continue to enter the job force, will boost the housing market and drive up consumption, he predicted. Right now, he added, the US is about 25 million housing units short of what will be needed. As Boomers (now aged 56-75) grow older, the health care field will need to greatly expand to attend to this aging population's needs, he cited. Gronbach talked about the problems countries like Japan, China, and South Korea face as their communities grow older, with fewer young people around to help them. He also asserted that the pandemic has altered our social structure, and these changes may be around for a decade or more.


Elizabeth Eagle has traveled all over the world capturing the phenomenon of Light Beings and orbs. In the latter half, she shared her experiences with this phenomenon and her theories about what it represents. "I believe Light Beings are a form of consciousness," she said. They are a creative intelligence that is actually communicating with us, and can take on many forms or colors, she continued. And while they may be ever-present, "we just can't see them with our naked eye," though they are increasingly showing up in photographs and video (view related images).

Eagle has concluded that the phenomenon is working toward the well-being of humankind. In some instances, it has been associated with disarming missiles and shooting energy at chemtrails (to neutralize their toxins), she stated. Orbs may appear at times of need and offer people protection, she suggested. She also discussed anomalous objects with orb-like shapes, such as seen in the NASA footage of the 1996 space shuttle tether incident, and the 2.8 billion-year-old Klerksdorp spheres. Eagle was also fascinated with an odd photo taken at one of George Noory's live stage shows, in which he appears to dance with a "Light Being." For more imagery, visit Eagle's YouTube Channel.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Kevin Randle

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