Toltec Tradition / Unfocusing the Mind

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Toltec Tradition / Unfocusing the Mind

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Sergio Magaña is a mystic and teacher of a spiritual lineage that began 5,000 years ago. He joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) in the first half of the program to discuss the history and wisdom of the ancient Toltec tradition, and uncover prophecies from the Aztec calendar that provide insights about our future. The Aztec calendar is not really Aztec but rather a compilation of many civilizations, Magaña explained, noting it was carved during the Aztec period. The calendar describes forthcoming eclipses, such as the total lunar eclipse coming on May 26, 2021, as well as periods denoted as underworlds.

The eighth underworld denotes complete darkness which represents a time of uncertainty and corresponds to the year 2020, Magaña revealed. He outlined predictions from this ancient tradition which detail the rise of technology and the feminine. The cycle the world is currently in is a transition which ends in 2021, when the next underworld period starts. Those who are able to release addictions to suffering and heavy emotion, adapt to change, and develop certainty of action will enter into a period of complete peace, he predicted. For others that do not wish to change that peace will be forced. This period extends to 2026 when the next cycle will begin, Magaña added.


To finish tasks and achieve goals, most people believe that more focus is the solution. We often rely on to-do lists, calendar reminders, noise-blocking headphones, and sometimes medication to help us concentrate—even though these tactics often fail to substantially improve productivity. During the latter part of the show, Harvard-trained psychiatrist Dr. Srini Pillay discussed colorful examples of counterintuitive success, and offered advice for overcoming uncertainty by using the power of the unfocused mind. So, how does one let go of uncertainty to embrace a pivot or change?

According to Pillay, the logical brain is not enough. "If you try to figure out things logically, you're generally using the logical brain alone... most logic fails us," he said. Pillay recommended activating things beyond logic such as intuition, but in order to do this one must build "unfocus" into his or her life. "Intuition combined with logic frequently leads to insight," he revealed. Pillay cited Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs as examples of what can be accomplished by routinely unfocusing the mind. When Steve Jobs was stuck about what to do with his life he visited an ashram in India, and it was during this unfocused time that he had several realizations that led him to start Apple, Pillay reported. Sometimes taking time off helps ideas to congeal, he added.

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