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Doctors' Miraculous Experiences / Open Lines

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Scott J. Kolbaba, MD, a practicing internist, interviewed close to 200 courageous physicians who came forward with the most miraculous experiences of their careers involving near-death experiences, accounts of dreams foretelling future events, and other amazing incidents. One of the first stories Kolbaba heard was from an orthopedic surgeon who saved a woman's life. The patient told the surgeon "in minute detail about what was going on in the room" as doctors and nurses worked over her. The surgeon said he "couldn't come up with a scientific explanation" for the incident.

Kolbaba related stories of incredible coincidences, such as a doctor who specialized in microsurgery in order to attach severed limbs. He arrived by chance at a hospital just in time to save the hands of a woman who was the granddaughter of a man who had coincidentally and unknowingly kept the surgeon from possibly committing suicide. The woman was later able to pursue her dream of becoming a concert pianist. Another stunning coincidence occurred to a doctor on a ski trip who happened upon a man buried in the snow and close to death from an accident. He saved the man's life and eliminated his guilt about not being able to save his father, who died on another ski trip, saying "two people were saved that day: the skier and myself." When writing his book, Kolbaba said he chose "the stories that gave me goosebumps or made me cry."


The second half featured Open Lines. John from North Dakota related the story of his uncle, who called for help from a friend who had just booked an expensive "trip overseas." The friend stayed home to help John's uncle and lost the money he spent on the excursion. The flight he was booked on was Korean Airlines flight 007, which was shot down by a Russian fighter off the coast of Japan in 1983. Blair in Arizona said once he met an original cast member of the classic Christmas film "It's a Wonderful Life." He speculated that the film might have been kept in the public domain for many years "at the behest of angels." Charles in Texas said that "angels are looking out for me" including when he lost his wallet, which was later located and returned.

Rick in California told the story of how he found out that his grandfather had been playing Santa Claus at family gatherings for years and that it disappointed him as a child. But eventually he inherited the costume and still uses it at family events, as well as social and school functions. He said, "I've been doing this for 50 years, and it's an unbelievable feeling." Eric called from Indiana to say that Santa Claus represents a spirit of giving, and that in the act of "giving something unconditionally with no strings attached, you too can be Santa Claus." A.C. in Ohio shared the story of being healed of a back problem by a preacher and "felt as though there was a hand inside my flesh repositioning my shoulder blades." Tim from California said that in his time as a camp counselor for underprivileged children, he was inspired by many acts of kindness, but also learned that "we have lost touch with our elders and do not listen to them."

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